AJS-37 Viggen coming to DCS

Third-party DCS contributor Leatherneck Simulations has announced that the AJS-37 Viggen, a Swedish multi-role jet fighter, will be coming to DCS and they have released some pretty impressive gameplay footage recently.

The Viggen is a now classic Swedish aircraft designed to unique specifications and requirements. One of the most interesting is the short field take-off and landing capabilities. In the event of a major conflict, Swedish aircraft like the Viggen are to be deployed to specially setup short fields (typically roadways and highways) and operated from this dispersed areas in order to prevent the enemy from destroying them at their bases. This means that the Viggen has incredible short field capability.

The AJS-37 variant is a multi-role update approved by the Swedish government in 1992. The last of the Viggens flew in operational service in 2005 until they were decomissioned in favour of the new JAS-39 Gripen (another aircraft I hope to see in DCS some day).

Leatherneck have beautifully modeled the AJS-37s cockpit including its radar scope, HUD, and unique dials (they aren’t typical of US or Russian designs – stuff that we usually see).



Enough with the talk… Check out the AJS-37 in two really interesting videos that Leatherneck has put together. The first is a lot of external shots showcasing the aircraft and a few of its capabilities.

The second video shows its night-time flying abilities.

If you’re looking for a capable multi-role jet, this might be your thing. Especially if you want something a little different than the usual.

Check out all of the details on their forum!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pixel Dust says:

    Too bad that LNS has fallen on hard times; their customer support is a ghost of its former self. Even their classic MiG-21 module is struggling with all the changes to DCSW. I’ll wait this one out.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hadn’t heard about that. I hope all the best for them!


  2. Pixel Dust says:

    Me, too…I really enjoyed them in their heyday


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