IL-2 series to potentially see some unexpected aircraft

Does the idea of a flyable La-5FN or Bf109G-6 excite you? How about the Po-2 and the Li-2? For some the idea of these ancillary aircraft is a waste of time and unimportant but for others these aircraft fill out the ranks and offer alternative gameplay opportunities. If all goes to plan, the IL-2 series will see all of these types!

Night witches, more aircraft

Photo by Alan Wilson – Polikarpov Po-2 ’28’ (G-BSSY)

The Po-2 or U-2 is one of the most produced aircraft in history with estimates of 30,000 of these simple biplanes constructed between 1928 and 1956 (according to Wikipedia). During the war, these aircraft served in a variety of roles from training to night harassment attacks (the Night Witches famously caused havoc on German troops during night raids). Po-2s were also used by artillery spotters.

These last two combat roles would work extremely well in the IL-2 series in all three battles that the series represents and virtually any other Eastern Front campaign that it may seek to replicate at some point. The Po-2 was ubiquitous on the battlefields of eastern Europe.

With that all in mind, Jason Williams has revealed that a third party contractor has been hired to potentially produce the aircraft. If the contractor is able to make the quality requirements set out by 1CGS, then it will eventually be offered as a Collector Plane as the Yak-1B Series 127 and Ju52/3m have previously been.

The same team has been asked to potentially build an Li-2 as well offering a transport capability (and stopgap light bomber) for the Allied/Red team and make multiplayer matches with supporting transport capabilities a reality. The Li-2 is a license built version of the C-47 and DC-3 which is familiar to many western audiences – again thanks to it being ubiquitous.

Challenges, difficulties

There are big challenges ahead for the team as they work to finish Kuban and then to realize the vision for a jump to the Pacific and the Battle of Midway. Meanwhile, filling out the ranks of the Eastern Front aircraft lineup is still something of a priority.

Jason also explains the difficulties and some of his vision:

Let me be clear guys. I want a wide range of planes, both uber types and crap types. But this is a business first and foremost, and I must focus on what we can make that will boost sales or ones that are easy to make and we can keep costs low. Making an IL-4 or any multi-crew bomber eats up massive team resources and is not easy to do. The Po-2 offers a chance to create Arty Spotting like we had in ROF and throw sneaky night raids into the mix (I really want a Soviet woman pilot model too) and the plane is not difficult to research (there is one in a nearby museum) and build for the team building it. It’s a great way to get them to learn how to do it and bring some new gameplay options. But if they fail, it’s not an uber plane that will crush sales. I have also tasked the same team to build the Li-2 so the Soviets can have a cargo plane too and a stopgap bomber. Fingers crossed all goes to plan. I don’t even like talking about it until I have more concrete results.

And then he tells us something that was talked about but I don’t think had been confirmed previously:

And don’t forget you have the LA-5FN and 109 G-6 coming between projects built by us.

This means that the La-5FN and Bf109G-6 are essentially confirmed at this point. Seing as they are being developed by the 1CGS team, we can be fairly certain of the quality and certainty of their release.

The Po-2 and Li-2 are less certain with a third party contractor attempting to make these aircraft happen.

If all goes to plan we’ll see the filling out of the ranks of Eastern Front aircraft types with an artillery spotter and night attacker biplane, La-5FN and Bf109G-6 duos (sure to be popular), and a Russian side transport aircraft.

Any aircraft added to the series that fits the World War II theme is of interest to me. I know it will be for many others. I can’t wait to see these and I hope things work out!

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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    As long as they don’t hire Belsimtek to do the 3rd party work…


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m sure they have their hands full 🙂


  2. p3zman says:

    Great review of what Jason said. I tend to stay informed on the forums but I missed this. Glad someone linked to it.

    Also, I would love to see an Li-2 because it would transition nicely into every other theater they are planning. So it’s almost a necessity at this point, especially with the Ju-52.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This one nearly got away from me too but suddenly there was some confirmation on things we’d been speculating about for months.

      The Li-2 would be great to have. Parity for multiplayer matches, simply having the plane to fly. And you’re right… it wouldn’t be a stretch to convert the Li-2 to a C-47!


  3. Bryan Ott says:

    We’re getting a G-6? Right on!

    Now, how about a K-4….


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Indeed we are!

      It’ll be a while till we get a G-10 or K-4. If they do a Battle of Berlin that would make sense.


      1. Bryan Ott says:

        Courland Pocket could work, and its something that I don’t think has ever been covered in a game, sim or otherwise. Of course I have no idea what Luftwaffe assets were present.


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Kurland (German :)) was done in IL-2: 1946 actually. A fellow by the forum name of ‘IanBoys’ got together a team and did a wonderful map for that scenario.

        Luftwaffe assets were small. Mostly FW190A-8 and a few A-9 models. A few Stukas and FW190F-8s as well. It’s a case of some talented but grossly outnumbered Lutwaffe pilots trying to hold against a vast VVS air armada.

        I even made a campaign for that IL-2: 1946 map called Green Hearts: Kurland. Check it out!


  4. Bryan Ott says:

    I recall that mod or complication of mods actually, but I was thinking more along the lines of something officially developed. However, given what you stated concerning the operational units there, it certainly doesn’t offer a lot of variety and therefore not much point in depicting that specific AO. If I get around to reinstalling ’46 I give it a look.

    Along with that I don’t think Berlin would work either given almost zero participation by the LW. Most of what was left of the Luftwaffe had already been destroyed or had eliminated their fuel reserves during Operation Bodenplatte. That was the end of any large scale operations for them. Seelow maybe or hell, Bodenplatte.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Technically the Kurland map was created by third party but implemented by the original Maddox Games development studio so its not a mod 🙂 Came in an official update.

      You’re right, its too limiting for a full product.

      When I say Battle of Berlin I refer to that entire March to May period where Zhukov built up the Russian Front until he was ready for the frontal assault on Berlin.

      There’s still a fair bit of air activity during this period as well. I did another campaign set during the time and there’s a good collection of Luftwaffe types from the conventional to the exotic. KG100’s Do217s even made some bombing attempts on bridges in the area using radio guided bombs.

      Here you have FW190D-9s and Bf109K-4s fighting Yak-3s, La-7s and Yak-9Us primarily. A ton of IL-2 operations and FW190F-8 hit and run attacks too. The IL-10 had its combat debut here. There’s even room for the Me262.

      The Luftwaffe was certainly in serious trouble by this point but units kept fighting and the had access to the very latest stuff in the arsenal. From a flight perspective very interesting for sure.


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