Moments in YouTube Sim Gameplay

I always like to share some of the best YouTube cinematic and gameplay videos when I see them. Today I share with you three interesting videos of some IL-2 and DCS gameplay that I think are worth watching for different reasons.

Gameplay videos from across YouTube

First, we have CheckSix playing on Tactical Air War (TAW) defending a friendly airfield from constant and frenetic attack.

Next, we have Ralfidude flying in a video he calls “Just Mirage Things” which I find particularly gripping. He manages a few kills but also sees some losses of his wingman and an intense fight in the Caucasus mountains.

Finally, we have TheSkyline35 flying the early access AV-8B in some nice footage over Normandy. It’s a good showcase of the visuals and some of the ground attack capabilities of this new module. Have a look!

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  1. PIxel Dust says:

    As unofficial proponent of BMS, I offer their take on sophisticated system modelling:

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    1. PIxel Dust says:

      As Scuby relates: “Brief: Practicing my FLIR and TFR skills. I begin with setting the FLIR level and intensity, followed by boresighting the FLIR image with the HUD FOV. Next, I set the required switches to activate TF, followed by testing positive operation of input and limits. When everything is tested okay, we continue the flightplan in AUTO STEER mode and AUTO TF while continuously monitoring the TF Confidence Display on the MFD. During the ingress we customize our TF profile to the situational demands by switching through various TF modes and terrain clearances. With this setup and in AUTO/BLENDED TF for almost for the entire hour I was able to keep my arms and hands off the controls! Very relaxing this is :)”


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Pretty intense system modelling. Looks like a pretty good take on FLIR and terrain following operations.


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