1CGS teases Career mode, releases aircraft specs

Today was a bit of an unexpected dual whammy of information from 1CGS. First, their latest Developer Diary update was filled with a story from one of the testers flying the new Career mode on the Moscow map. Then, Han updated the performance data on the forum which gives us a very clear picture of how some of the newest entries to the game will perform. Release is near!

Career mode teaser

The story today was perhaps a bit embellished by the tester but I think the overall message is clear. There is more going on and more happening in Career mode missions than we’re used to seeing in the old Campaign mode.

Has some of the work that Black Six did on Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe, aimed at making the world feel alive, translated into the Career mode generated missions. It sure sounds like that may be the case.

Today we also get a better look at some of the interface for Career mode. Below are just some of the screenshots showcasing the different areas within the interface that you’ll interact with.

More compelling than the old Campaign mode? Almost certainly! This is the number one new feature that I’m looking forward to.

Performance details released

Another big piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for version 3.001. Performance data for the new aircraft have been released and it gives us a detailed look at what the A-20B, P-39L, Yak-7B Series 36, La-5FN Series 2, and Bf109G-6 will perform like when we get them in-game.

I’ll do a more detailed analysis later but I will share some initial thoughts:

  • The Yak-7B Series 36 falls between the Yak-1 Series 69 and Yak-1B Series 127 in performance although in nearly every instance performance is much closer to the Yak-1B.
  • The La-5FN Series 2 is a powerhouse performer with strong low and medium altitude performance.
  • The Bf109G-6 is what I expected it to be, a much harder hitting Bf109 but with some performance penalty suffering in top speed losses over the G-4 and G-2.
  • The A-20B is a capable performer in top speed while carrying around a reasonably impressive bombload.
  • The P-39L is faster and more impressive up to medium altitudes than I expected and the turn times are similar to a Bf109.

The heat is on

Are we really close to release now? It feels like the heat is on and release may be imminent. We still don’t know for sure what the release date is but many have speculated that it will be next Tuesday. The day after the sale extension ends.

We will see!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Faerber says:

    The A20B will bring such a punch. A real tie breaker! Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m pretty excited about the A-20B. A good punch from its payload plus a pair of .50cals up front for some added flexibility.

      And it’s reasonably fast!


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