First reactions to IL-2 patch 3.001

I’ve only had a couple of hours with the new patch and its clear that I need a lot more time with this before I can start to give everyone a really good picture of what we have here. That said, these are my first reactions to what I’ve seen so far.

A lot of new content to explore

This part is pretty obvious to just about anyone who has looked at the patch notes or followed the status of the development on IL-2 recently. There are five new planes (two separate Collector Planes), new graphics, new modes, and so much to try out.


I’ve flown everything so far except the A-20B but its too soon for me to give any concrete feedback yet. The Yak-7B handles like you’d expect a fighter in the Yak series to handle – yet, it has its own subtlety’s that distinguish it. It feels heavier (it is) and the turn in feels different. Still, if you’re a master Yak pilot then the Yak-7B would be no trouble for you to jump in and fight well in it.

The P-39 I’ve just scratched the surface with. Its no super fighter but it will be a potent weapon in the right hands. The cannon is magnificent and the bomber and attack plane killing potential here is huge.


I have much more to explore and my flight time in the Bf109G-6 and La-5FN can probably be measured in seconds at the most.

Checking out the Career mode

I spent all of a few minutes exploring Career mode and checking out what that looks like. I feel like it will need an entire article for me to really pull this apart but let me say just a little bit.


Career mode appears to be at first glance exactly what this series needed for a compelling single player experience. The squadron details, fellow wingmen, day by day campaign progression, and all of the rest are all there. I’ve flown a single mission so far and I’m excited by the potential especially as the devs plan on adding more mission types over time.

I created a pilot, joined 812 IAP, a famous Yak-1B squadron that I researched years ago, and started my first mission. It’s easy to get into and I was having fun flying a mission in minutes.

No doubt there will be more to say on this huge new feature soon!

Technical glitches

I was expecting to run into at least a little trouble and I have. I’ve been having a “microstutter” issue where the game pauses in millisecond periods of time. It’s an odd looking thing to see.

It seems independent of frame rate and that leads me to believe that there’s something else amiss here. What it is I can’t figure out yet but we’ve got a rousing conversation going on the forum so far. Hopefully someone can help get to the bottom of this.

All in all

Like I said in my previous post, the launch of this is a victory for the team. This was a major milestone and where there are problems I’m confident we’ll see solutions. Plenty of new content and new ways to play IL-2 have brought new life to the original titles and rounded out the release of Battle of Kuban really nicely.

These are just my first reactions. There will no doubt be more to say later on!

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  1. Rich says:

    I had the microstutters too. Granted I don’t have a super computer, but running with vsync and dynamic resolution on solved the issue for me. The stutters were most obvious when bringing up the GUI in-flight.

    You should definitely try the A-20. In a dogfight. It’s surprisingly agile.


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