IL-2: Battle of Kuban is still coming to Steam

I generally tell people to buy directly from the IL-2 website whenever possible but there are good reasons to use Steam and the Steam store to buy content for IL-2. Battle of Kuban has now been released for a few months now but it isn’t yet on Steam. We know why and have some more details to pass along.

The Steam Store situation has changed

There’s different rumours circulating through the community but in a post today by Jason Williams helped clear some things up. He’s actually mentioned the issue a couple of times but today’s message is perhaps the clearest indication of what 1CGS needs to do to make the Steam Store connection work.

The situation too, has changed, and the team is investing resources to make it so that the Steam Store is appropriately linked with IL-2 accounts.

Here’s the post from Jason:

Steam changed things and restricted what we can do like posting new products on Steam. Now we had to re-build out Steam support and it has taken MUCH work and money to get it done. We’re not being lazy or dragging our feet. Send a letter to Gabe for making our lives more difficult. Also, all Steam players will need to “link” accounts to get the current benefits you enjoy. That’s a whole other process we had to create. Plus we’ve had to deal with the damn GDPR law etc. The new Steam support will be released next month after some more testing. All of this stuff detracts from us working on game related things. We’re a small team, our teammates wear many hats.

Rebuilding support is obviously more of a task than clicking a few buttons and 1CGS is juggling a bunch of different issues.

1CGS is far from the only developer that has had issues dealing with the Steam Store. Many users are still struggling to deal with the disconnect between DCS World’s split between the Eagle Dynamics e-Store and the Steam Store releases with delays of many months for various modules.

The takeaway

Pretty simply, 1CGS is still going to be offering content on the Steam Store but they are having to build in new support and that is taking time. When they have completed dealing with the situation, I’m sure we’ll see an announcement and I’ll be sure to mention it here.

If you have purchased from the Steam Store in the past and you can work with the payment solutions offered on the IL-2 website, you can still purchase there. The IL-2 account that you purchase accounts on ultimately is the deciding factor meaning you can mix between the two stores and still get all of the content.

This isn’t an option for everyone but if you can, the IL-2 store seems to be simpler and have fewer issues.

What’s your experience? Are you waiting to purchase IL-2: Battle of Kuban on the Steam Store? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    I always buy from their site since as you wrote in your article, the items are tied to your account and can be used with the Steam version as well. You also have the option to convert your purchases into Steam keys if you like, once they get released over there.

    I’d actually wish ED used the same method of simply linking every module to an account instead of having to choose between the standard version or Steam because of the non-interchangeable keys. There’s actually a way of having non-Steam ED modules work on Steam but it is kind of a hassle and we shouldn’t be forced to use a workaround.

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