IL-2 devs show off Me262, P-47 cockpit, effect details

When it comes to developer updates, 1CGS can knock some amazing ones out of the park and this week’s IL-2 developer diary update certainly does not disappoint. We have new images of the Me262, the P-47 cockpit now getting several coats of paint, new confirmed features, and new details on the updated effects that we talked about last week. Yeah!

Let’s see that 262!

Although its still expected to be the last aircraft to be released into Battle of Bodenplatte, the Me262 is making spectacular process with an update a few weeks ago showing off an untextured 262. Now, it appears to be fully textured and looking REALLY good! It’s flight model will no doubt form the basis of their near-Mach effects that they intend to implement and so even though it’s looking close to finished, it will probably still be last to arrive.

P-47 cockpit, K-14 gunsight

Anyone remember that horrible mess of a cockpit that was the old P-47D-25 in IL-2: Forgotten Battles and subsequent additions to the series? That was definitely my least favourite pit to be in but, as you’d expect, 1CGS is doing an amazing job detailing the new P-47 cockpit and you can see that it’s looking good.

It’s a complex cockpit with a lot of buttons, switches, dials and the like but its coming along beautifully and apparently 1CGS isn’t quite done with it yet.

Also confirmed is both the standard and K-14 gunsights with the K-14 being a US copy of the Mark II GGS you’re already familiar with in the Spitfire IXe. The two sights shared nearly all of the same features and effectiveness and made for some impressive gunnery options for Allied pilots. There were questions on if the series would add a K-14 to their P-47D-28 and that is now confirmed.

Gunfire dispersion

It sounds a bit academic but getting gunfire dispersion right is pretty important and the developers have been revisiting their data on gunfire dispersion effects. Some real world measurements were apparently done using single shots while others were done using burst fire methods with differing out comes.

Now 1CGS is working to harmonize the data to produce a more accurate effect. It sounds like the outcome will largely be that a long burst will be less accurate than before while single shots, particularly from a slow firing cannon like the M4 37mm on the P-39 or BK3,7 on the Bf110 and Ju87 will be more accurate. The previous heat soak modelling still applies so the hotter your guns get the worse the dispersion too.

No doubt this also applies to Flying Circus’ World War I biplanes as well and it’ll be interesting to see dispersion modeling on those post update.

More details on effects

There’s a long list on the developer diary of the new effects and the changes but overall it sounds like all of the effects will be considerably more smooth, more accurate and realistic meaning some of the effects will actually be toned down while others will certainly make an impact.

New and updated effects to fuel leaks, engine damage, incorrect fuel mixture effects for the first time, new gun smoke effects, new effects showing off AP/HE hits to vehicles and aircraft, water stream effects, and a flash effect for bombs are all on the list. Oh and there are new effects for wooden aircraft that should apply to those WWI aircraft as well.

A screenshot from last week’s update showing off the new fuel leak effect

Some are concerned about how everything looks but I think we’ll see the improvements once they are in motion.

There’s more screenshots and details so I recommend checking out the 1CGS developer diary for the full story.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. William T Taylor says:

    any news or ideas on P-47 release


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Nothing since last week. The P-47 is widely expected to arrive in an autumn patch perhaps in October along with the effects changes, dispersion updates and Bf-109K-4. Maybe more.


  2. William T Taylor says:

    one would hope while i dont begrudge the devs their vacations i must say that work on bodenplatte has slowed significantly after the break


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m not sure if the pacing has changed much, but they are releasing less in monthly patches and more in content drops. I think we’ll see more about what they have been busy with as we approach the next patch.


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