DCS: FW190A-8 announced, MiG-29 PFM incoming

Exciting news keeps on coming these days for DCS World with the latest including the announcement that Eagle Dynamics is working on the FW190A-8 as a full DCS module. This week’s news also includes the announcement that the MiG-29 PFM is finally coming and very soon! Let’s dig into this!

The Anton comes to DCS

DCS’ World War II aircraft line-up has been a bit of a mishmash with an early 1944 Spitfire IXc and a mid 1944 P-51D up against a late 1944/1945 Bf109K-4 and FW190D-9. The WWII asset pack is supposed to help redress this odd mix with a much wider array of aircraft but there was definitely a lack of a historically accurate opposition fighter for the Normandy map.

That’s all changing with the announcement that the FW190A-8 is now coming to DCS World and here are a couple of work in progress cockpit shots.

I have to note that the light grey or near white colouring of the instrument panel is a bit odd looking to me. I’ve never seen a FW190 cockpit represented this way in a flight sim or in real life. This may be an artifact of PBR texture work that is on-going so I won’t pass judgement right now. If we get additional information from Eagle Dynamics I will update that here.

The FW190A-8 also offers Eagle Dynamics plenty of opportunities to model some important sub variations including the FW190F-8 and G-8 as 1CGS has done for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte.

MiG-29 PFM comes October 10


With the F-15C, Su-27 and Su-33 now flying with Eagle Dynamics highly detailed Professional Flight Model, it was only a matter of time before the MiG-29 received the same treatment and that release date is now known as October 10.

Eagle Dynamics’ PFM system is their most advanced flight model available for DCS World and its a considerable step up from the MiG-29s current Standard Flight Model. The SFM system uses basic physical calculations and is data driven while the PFM incorporates many more variables.

Here’s some details according to Eagle Dynamics:

• Use a wider array of wind tunnel tests CFD methods for aerodynamics parameters calculations.
• A higher level of aircraft construction details for forces calculations. For example: our landing gear model includes individual kinematics of retracting/extending is used to calculate its movement, servo-piston forces, etc. In such cases, we truly use real lengths, arms, etc. This also includes such items as a realistic simulation of airflow along the airframe due to the propeller or helicopter rotor thrust.
• Realistic simulation of Flight Control, CAS and Autopilot systems.
• Realistic simulation of Hydraulics, Fuel, Electrical, Engine and other systems influence flight characteristics.
• Unprecedented access to test data packs.

I have a soft spot for the MiG-29 but I’ve been put off by the way the aircraft handles compared to the more sophisticated modeling present in the Su-27 and F-15C (not to mention the F/A-18C) so I’m extremely excited to finally see the MiG-29 get the full PFM treatment.

Persian Gulf, Hornet, Su-33 sale continues


Although the Steam sale is over, Eagle Dynamics has found success with the new bundle sale and has extended it until October 21st. This deal is only available on their website.

Last week we offered a special deal in which you could get $20 USD off the Hornet if you already own the Persian Gulf Map, or $10 USD off the Persian Gulf Map if you own the Hornet. We are listening, and due to popular request, we are re-instating this deal until 21 October 2018!

For those that already own one of these two modules, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to try the other.

Unfortunately, Steam is unable to offer this same deal.

Have fun!

More free weekend’s to come

A lot of the discussion in the DCS community over the past weekend was the free weekend availability of the Persian Gulf map, Su-33 and F/A-18C (same as in the bundle above) which gave people the opportunity to experience these modules for a free but limited amount of time.

My general impressions are that this sale gave people the opportunity to explore each of these in at least a limited way leading to more than a few people reporting that they had since purchased some or all of these modules post launch. My anecdotal experiences seem to match with Eagle Dynamics’ sales numbers as they are reporting that the event was a success and that we would see more of these opportunities in the future.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron White says:

    Admittedly, I wasn’t really huge on the Hornet or PG map. Then they had the free weekend, and I figured “Hell, may as well try them”.

    Now I can’t wait to pick them up from the sale. The PG map was a blast in the few hours i got to use it, and the despite not really knowing exactly what I was doing in the Hornet, I still got to the point that I could at least drop some bombs on stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I keep telling people how awesome Persian Gulf is but you really do have to experience it for yourself to really see.

      I hope this helps boost the popularity of the map. I’m looking forward to the day that we get a really good Hornet + Persian Gulf campaign that I can dig my teeth into.


  2. Edward says:

    Is the MiG-29 PFM a free d/l, do you know?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It was confirmed that it will be free to owners of Flaming Cliffs 3. It will also start selling as a individual module once the upgrade is complete.


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