Latest RAZBAM updates on MiG-19, new pilots and bug tracker

RAZBAM is continuing their monthly updates (and I’m a little behind on this) with their November update now out and featuring some cool stuff including a really great look at the MiG-19’s start-up process. We’re also seeing the fruits of RAZBAM’s labour in laser scanning pilot gear for the M-2000C and AV-8B modules. Finally, RAZBAM has a bug tracker now fully implemented and you can see what they are working on.

Tracking those bugs

Responding to criticism earlier in the year, RAZBAM has been working hard to become more transparent as a developer and one of the ways that they are doing this is a public bug tracker. It’s a good idea in concept and I think it’s going to hopefully go a long way towards restoring some goodwill with the community.

The tracker now lets us know what bugs they are aware of and working on, what the status is, and any notes on what they are working on. We also have a good idea of what their priorities are and what bugs have been solved.

In the last month, RAZBAM has squashed some long standing bugs including the pesky issue of the AV-8B’s interval bomb timer not working, INS alignment bugs, and the RWR for both M-2000C and AV-8B missing some of the newer entrants into DCS World. Some bigger issues are still to be resolved but they are on the tracker now and you can see how things are going.

Check the bug tracker out on their website.

New pilots

New pilot models are now being implemented into DCS World for the M-2000C and AV-8B. These are substantial steps up in accuracy and quality from earlier iterations and while it’s a small detail – its also a really nice touch from their art team which looks to be making a run at improving their quality up towards Eagle Dynamics and Heatblur’s level.

The gear was laser scanned for ultimate accuracy and then that scan was used to create the mapping for more realistically detailed in-game assets. They look excellent!

MiG-19 inching closer to release

RAZBAM’s MiG-19 is intended to launch with a full array of weapons and systems avoiding most of the early access issues and going straight towards a finished product. Though it may launch with bugs, it appears that RAZBAM is aimed at a content complete product.

RAZBAM developer Zeus67 is keeping a post updated on the DCS World forums with the current status of the project and there are a long line of items that are finished and a small but important number of items still remaining.

Integrating cockpit systems, engine modeling, damage modeling and others are still underway and not yet complete. That said, these are the systems that are most critical for the module so getting them done is important. It appears that the MiG-19 will not release in 2018 but it should be sometime in 2019 and I would think sooner than later.

MiG-19 startup video and more

RAZBAM’s now typical monthly update is available on YouTube and it includes all of the latest status updates and a great look at the MiG-19 startup sequence which is great to see. Hopefully we’ll see it flying and be able to fly it sooner than later!

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    That MiG-19 is teasing us! But we’ll have to be patient if there is no early release.

    On the other hand, it’s not a bad practice, the early releases often come as a short-lived excitement, a little bit as a failed soufflé. Now it may depend on people, though I remember the effect of the M-2000C, the Spitfire or the Harrier… great news to finally have our hands on the early release, only to realize there was so much missing or in bad state. I realized I tended to put them aside after a couple of days and not touch them for months or more, until they had been almost finished. Had I waited for a little longer, perhaps I would have started to use them more regularly even if they were not entirely finished.

    The Spitfire was not a big problem, it doesn’t have as many features as the Harrier and was quickly in good shape, but some others it was something else. So it’s a good decision IMHO!

    What other planes could be good temporary buddies or foes to the Farmer? Do you think they’ll bring more aircraft from the same era? They’re not as technologically complex as modern modules, and not as vintage and … “manual” as WWII ones, but it’s an interesting period of transition with a mix of scary stuff, pilots back then were brave. I would actually rather have 5 of those than one Raptor, Raffale or Gripen. Perhaps it also feels as if they had more character?

    Oh yes, the bug tracker is a very appreciated tool! It really gives more transparency. Well, on the other hand I see there are very few bugs, and instead of wondering whether some bugs were seen and reported, now I’m wondering why we don’t see some of them 😉


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The only real concern I have with the MiG-19 is what it would be up against. I suspect it will spend some time fighting more sophisticated jets until it gets some closer options. The F-4 Phantom when that comes out. At some point I assume DCS World will fill out a Vietnam scenario but for now its just at the beginning.

      About the bug tracker: I would definitely try and submit stuff to RAZBAM if you see something missing. The bug tracker should help with reporting to make sure that everything is reported.


      1. Mischiew Rithe says:

        I suppose we need to leave them some time to gather everything, on top of the current developments.

        Oh yes, an F-4 would be nice! And perhaps a Super Sabre.

        On the other hand I’m realizing that it takes a lot of time to maintain some acceptable degree of knowledge and practice on all of them 😀


  2. 79vRAF says:

    It could do with an F-100 and F-105 to go up against along with stuff like the Gloster Javelin, The Saabs of the day and the Outragan and Mystere IV from France. Hawker Hunter maybe, DeHavilland Sea Vixen. The cool stuff!

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