New MiG-19 cockpit images, preview videos

We’re closing in on the still unknown release date for the DCS: MiG-19P by RAZBAM and new information is flying fast and furious right now. New images have come out today from RAZBAM showing their texture update to the cockpit and new taxi and take-off tutorial is joined by RedKit’s exceptional preview video of the module.

Cockpit comes up to new standard

RAZBAM has been working hard on improving the visual standards of their modules and that effort is beginning to really pay off (upgrades for the M-2000C and AV-8B are also planned) and we’re seeing that in a very visceral way for the MiG-19P.

These are the new screenshots for the MiG-19 which, in my opinion, bring the interior up to the same level as the exceptional work done on the exterior of the module.

Compare the images above with these earlier images. Although the overall impression is very much the same and the lighting is somewhat different, the details really matter when you look more closely. Less flat texture and more scratches, bumps and depth where it matters.

These details don’t make or break a module but they do show polish and attention to detail and its something that some other third party developers have pushed the envelop on recently. It’s great to see RAZBAM answer that challenge so capably – at least from the images.

New tutorial video for taxi, takeoff

The next training video in RAZBAM’s series of training videos for the MiG-19 is up and it covers the basics of taxi and take-off including the differential brake system that is apparently a bit tricky to master.

RedKite’s brilliant preview video

RedKite does some extremely informative video tutorials (and videos in general) on DCS World and RAZBAM saw fit to send him a preview version of the DCS: MiG-19P which has resulted in one of the best previews for the jet to-date.

This video is both informative and cinematic as RedKite goes through the different armament options, the liveries, the handling and the visuals for the MiG-19. Another detail nicely covered is the three language options for the MiG-19 – Russian, Chinese and English.

Release? Imminent?

The rumours circulating is that the MiG-19 is due for release before the end of this month. So far we’ve heard nothing official to indicate that it is or isn’t coming at the end of this month so if the module slips into February – nobody should be disappointed.

Nonetheless, it does appear that RAZBAM’s module is ready to go with the systems, weapons, and visuals all coming together.

I’m intending to buy this module and you can expect both a first impressions and full review coming to Stormbirds post launch.

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  1. Jp says:

    I can’t wait. Can’t get enough of red planes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The interesting thing about the MiG-19 is that RAZBAM has formed a “Red Team” and a “Blue Team” set of internal developers. The MiG-19 is their first Red Team product and they have already announced the MiG-23 as that team’s follow up project (it’s already being developed). With any luck, we’ll see a steady stream of modules from that group over the coming years.


  2. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash says:

    Wonderful! This blog is so exeptionally well lead and has long become my daily go to lecture around the day. thank you so much for your hard and impressive work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Check in any time!


  3. Eviscerador says:

    I really like the work they are doing with the MiG 19, but I’m a bit worried that it is also delaying the content for the Harrier.

    I mean, it is all good to have a new plane which will be launched with full features, but they still have the Harrier with half the systems not working, no training missions (Baltic Dragon himself said that working on the Farmer had slowed his work on the Harrier training missions) no campaign, no SP missions…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex says:

      The content aspect indeed has been delayed slightly by the MiG but for what concern the actual planes, just like Shamrock said there are two different team at least working on planes. The team that worked on the MiG was never involved with the Mirage or the Harrier and after the Farmer will directly go to work on the Flogger it seems. So I would say that is just the original group that needs to get on their feet and start working more on their modules.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        For sure. The two teams at RAZBAM are at least partially independent so while they share a resource like Baltic Dragon, the rest seems to be somewhat separate.

        Good news is that the MiG-23 I think will be in hood hands. More challenging is how the Blue Wings dev team juggles supporting the AV-8B and F-15E development.

        RAZBAM did hire a programmer just to finish the AV-8B so I’m hopeful. I really like the module. But it needs some polish!


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