DCS World: CASE III radio comms first look

We have our latest look at the upcoming aircraft carrier radio comms coming to DCS World and the new DCS Nimitz-class high fidelity carrier. This latest video shows us CASE III landing done at night or in poor weather conditions.

Highly detailed

According to Matt Wagner’s commentary in the video, Eagle Dynamics is aiming to have the most accurate and detailed example of a CASE III landing possible with all of the comms done in the correct manner.

The latest video gives us our first look at what this is going to be like in practice with Matt Wagner going through both the comms and the proper procedures for this type of landing.

If you love carrier ops and want the most detailed recreation of that experience possible, it looks like Eagle Dynamics is working hard to give that to us.

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    It is amazing to me the amount of work and detail that ED has put into this aircraft.

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  2. William T Taylor says:

    its not an aircraft Michael its a new carrier with crew … but in my opinion there are only two moduels in the whole game that push out EDs efforts and that is the F-14 and The Harrier … otherwise yeah ED Puts in the effort

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