More talk of the Yak-9, Hurricane, future for IL-2: Great Battles

Many of you will recall that we had information come out about two new Collector Planes for the IL-2: Great Battle Series and that the two aircraft would be the Hurricane and Yak-9. We haven’t heard much following that initial leak of information, however, we have new chatter from the developers and there’s lots of talk about the future. Let’s have a look what we’ve learned!

Hurricane and Yak-9 confirmed?

Though an official confirmation isn’t yet here, we have more information from the developers that these are indeed the next two aircraft that 1CGS will be releasing as Collector Planes for the IL-2 series.

Responding to a thread on the IL-2 forums, Black Six, a developer from 1CGS, responded with information that teased and all but confirmed the new Collector Planes:

Regarding these new quasi-official planes more specifically, quasi-official Hurricane II can be used in the BoM and BoS career and quasi-official Yak-9 in the BoK career only.

Black Six on the IL-2 forums

Black Six has been responsible for some great scripted campaigns from the 1CGS team so it makes sense that he is seeing this from a campaign/career perspective. 1CGS doesn’t release Collector Planes unless they have a plan for them to appear in the single player campaign and so it is the case with these two aircraft.

The Hurricane Mark II saw widespread use in many theatres of WWII including on the Eastern Front. Hurricane’s were rushed to the front to help aid in the defense of the Battle of Moscow and they were there again on the frontlines during the Stalingrad campaign as well.

Adding a Collector Plane that breathes a little life into past releases is not just about adding an aircraft but helping to keep those battles vibrant. Though I had thought that 1CGS would go for a Bodenplatte related aircraft, it does make some business sense to go this route instead. More to the point, the Hurricane has broad appeal across both eastern and western interests and it’s one of the western aircraft that has come up consistently year in and year out across the IL-2 community.

With the potential to include the Hurricane Mark IIA, B, C, and D along with field modified armament, 1CGS has the ability to make this a very versatile purchase. Hurricane II’s were used for everything from fighter sweeps to anti-tank missions and it’s my hope that they will be able to give the Hurricane all of these options.

The Hurricane should also be fairly easy to do as Jason commented in the same thread:

Don’t need to visit a museum to make the Hurricane.

Jason Williams on the IL-2 forums

Meanwhile, the Yak-9 appeals to a mid-war audience for IL-2: Battle of Kuban and it fills in a major missing part of the Yak line-up.

While some may see this as “yet another Yak,” the Yak-9 fills in a key spot in the Russian aircraft line-up being one of the most produced fighters in the Russian inventory and one that the Russian aircraft fans have been calling for. The Yak-9 also comes with a wide variety of modifications and I’m curious to see what 1CGS can offer us. The Yak-9T appears to be a lock as it was mentioned by name in the earlier statements.

And what about late war German planes?

Late war German planes are likely needed to be kept in reserve for a future Eastern Front expansion. That’s a statement that has been said many times in the community and it’s apparently also a discussion point for the developers.

Any late German collector plane can block for us in the future the possibility to create late Eastern Front battle.

Black Six on the IL-2 forums

That was in response to asking about the team making a FW190A-9. This subtly different version of the Anton series of Focke-Wulf fighters had a different engine (making more power) and a few different propeller options along with a now standard bubble canopy and all of the modification kits that the A-8 had. Clearly, 1CGS does hope to go to the Eastern Front again some day.

That said, it’s very unlikely to be the next title as the community has been fairly vocal about going other places.

And up next?

The question that is now lingering is where 1CGS is taking the IL-2 series next. IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus Vol 1 are now close to completion and it’s expected that they will be complete in the next couple of months. Tank Crew will take a bit longer.

Once these titles are complete, 1CGS will surely be starting to say much more about where the future will be taking us. Back in December of 2017, we had a major official announcement that brought Battle of Bodenplatte, Tank Crew, and Flying Circus to life. These three titles have dominated the attention of the developers and the community since that time.

We still don’t know what’s coming next but with the development beginning to wrap up on the current set, I think we’ll be seeing more about the future soon.

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  1. Trudy says:

    To compensate the lack of german collector planes, the devs could at least stock up some more modifications for the existing german planes. GM-1 for Bf109 E7, F2, F4, G6, Fw190A5, Torpedos for the A5 and some others, MK108 for the Bf110 G2 for late ’43. Many many possiblities. On Wings of Liberty the german mods get banned anyway but at least in single player we could play around with em.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. bigalrico says:

      I think the statements give a nice overall picture. Because if you save later airplanes for the eastern front, it means at the same time, that we probably won’t see any later west front airplanes with it (Collector airplanes excluded).
      Furthermore, there would be the possibility (yes I dream) to realize the TA-152 H in this sim. Which would make me very happy as a Focke Wulf fan next to an A9.
      Whereby I also hope that we get perhaps another scenario instead of an eastern front title (like Italy as location).
      I also like the semi announced Collector planes, the Hurricane an icon and the Yak 9 a powerful counterpart. And since we don’t even have nearly as many Yaks as Bf-109 in this Sim, one more doesn’t hurt either 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. bigalrico says:

      As far as the torpedo for the FW 190 is concerned, I would rather hope less for it. Apart from the fact that this remained only in the testing stage and was never realized, it is also improbable to introduce torpedoes afterwards for one airplane. So I think it’s more likely that when we go to a naval heavy expansion (landing in Italy, Pacific) where we will get torpedoes anyway (also retroactively for already existing planes).
      The G6 would appeal to me the most, because hopefully it could be used in the bobp career with a new cockpit and MW50.

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    3. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s a good point and of those I’d love to see the Bf110G-2 get some of those additional modifications the most. What a versatile aircraft!


  2. rodgerdavies says:

    Sorry Shamrock, I added a comment earlier about this ruling out the possibility of Italy that has no basis in reality. Any chance you could remove it?

    Saving the G10 and A9 (and presumably ME410) for late-war operations makes perfect sense and would love to see that one day (along with Italy and Pacific operations).

    Anyway, great to see the Yak 9 added in the short term, looks like the Yak 3 won’t be impossible in future!

    Always enjoy your speculation and looking forward to your Bodenplatte reviews, thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Roger, thanks for your comments. Earlier post deleted as requested.

      I think an Italy scenario has strong potential with just Italian aircraft as one potential scenario.

      Lots to be excited about no matter what!


  3. Pollux says:

    Links to the official forum do not work


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Ooops! Fixed 🙂


  4. ShamrockOneFive says:

    Thanks for the comments Roger! I don’t think an Italian scenario would be ruled out by this. The five axis aircraft in a scenario like that could all be Italian and supplemented by German types we already have.

    We’ll see what they decide to do!


  5. Pollux says:

    Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. HBPencil says:

    “Any late German collector plane can block for us in the future the possibility to create late Eastern Front battle.”

    Not sure what to think about this statement. I’m not a LW expert but apart from a few bombers like Ar234 and Ju188 and unicorns such as the Ta152 and the He162, aren’t the important late war German aircraft already in game? I know there are some 190A and 109G sub-variants that could be added but they aren’t as late war. I know the statement was in response to a question about the A9 but I don’t see how one collector aircraft can block an entire pack.
    What it does suggest to me is that the devs want to stick to the 4+1 plane set model in any future expansion, which is nice but sooner or later they’ll run into the problem of having no more relevant LW aircraft to add… unless they go early war and add types that were then phased out (e.g Hs123) but I haven’t seen anything from the devs that would suggest they’d consider doing that.

    As for the Hurri and Yak9, I’m not sure if I’ll buy them or not. If I did it’d be because I like flying Yaks and the Hurri has some skinning potential.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You’re right that we expect they will continue with the 4+1 per side arrangement and that a future Battle of Berlin scenario would probably rely on the FW190A-9 as one of those types to fill out the set. It’s contemporary though that set would draw heavily from the other aircraft already released. Some would relish at getting the A-9 and the Bf109G-10 so I suppose that’d be a close enough battle with the late Russian types (plus everything offered in Bodenplatte).


    2. Rodger Davies says:

      I think there’s just about enough left on the plate. 109 G-10, 190 A-9, an ME 410 or late 110 plus something a bit more left-field – on the other side, a Yak 3, La-7, late Il-2 (or Il-10), Tu-2 and a lend lease plane.


  7. harryvoyager says:

    You know, I think the Yak-9 is probably a good plane for the Bodenplatte era multiplayer. Was just talking with someone about flight sims on a tech forum and pointing them towards Bodenplatte when it struck me, none of the Base plate planes are really that good to learn how to fly on. The Russian planes are generally much more forgiving of ham fisted flying, but the most advanced we’ve got are the La-5FN and Yak-1B. I’d expect the La-5FN to be pretty competent against late war German fighters, but having a late war Yak-9, especially if the include some of the Yak-9U components in the mod set.


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