New canopy reflections for IL-2 shown off

IL-2’s new deferred shading system is looking awfully good in the latest video from IL-2 Lead Producer Jason Williams who showed off the new reflection system on cockpit canopies as well as a look at the reflections on exteriors of aircraft.

New canopy reflections!

Although some have worried that the reflections may become overpowering and make it harder to spot things, after looking at this new video from Jason Williams, I have to say that the reflections offer just the right level of realism that adds depth to the cockpit without unduly affecting the visibility. At least that’s the case in what we’ve seen so far.

The reflection system will have three options. Off, Low or High so players who are adamant against having this on will have no problem in turning the feature off.

Also featured in the video is another quick look at the exterior of the P-47 and how the new deferred shading system affects the visuals there. The ‘high gloss’ or ‘wet’ look of the aircraft is gone and replaced by one that is a little more matte looking. It’s ultimately subtle but it’s a refinement that I can really appreciate on bare metal aircraft especially.

Have a look for yourself!

Update coming soon

The next update, according to Jason, will include the new lighting update with the canopy reflections shown above and is intended to come in just a few weeks. Here’s what Jason said on how imminent the update is,

A couple/few weeks. Just depends on how fast we can get the reflections added.

Jason Williams

Check out this week’s update right here.

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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    I’m very excited about this new update for both the canopy and external reflections. I always thought that the presently available external reflection, depending on the direction of the the sun, looks very unnatural to me (you know that kind of a ‘wet’ look).

    I’m especially curious on how the new canopy reflection is going to look in VR, but I’m pretty sure it will add to the immersion, which of course is always a good thing.

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