Heatblur sheds light on F-14, AJS-37 development plans

The DCS: F-14 commanded an exceptional amount of hype and Heatblur more or less were able to deliver with an impressive early access release of the DCS: F-14B. Far from being done, third party DCS World developer Heatblur is well on their way towards delivering some significant updates to both the DCS: F-14 and DCS: AJS-37 over the next several months and a new update fills us in on the details.

Here comes the F-14A and some AJS-37 fixes too

The F-14B is a more refined version of the F-14 Tomcat but it is the F-14A that helped cement its reputation as an impressive fleet defense fighter – albeit one with some bad engines. The TF-30 engines that powered the F-14A had no small number of problems. A later study concluded that the TF-30 together with the F-14 was one of the worst engine to airframe pairings in U.S. Navy history. The upgrade was good news for the F-14 and for its pilots… but this is a simulation and sometimes flying the more flawed aircraft can be its own kind of fun.

Heatblur is looking to deliver that with the F-14A which they now say is likely to arrive sometime before the end of July. And that’s not all!

Here’s a short list that was provided by Heatblur developer, Cobra847 on the DCS World forums:

  • F-14 interior lighting fixes & overhaul (for new lighting system)
  • Digital engine instruments
  • Exterior sound overhaul for F-14
  • Exterior sound overhaul for AJS37
  • F-14B Campaign JESTER LANTIRN (Finally!)
  • AJS37 PBR Overhaul
  • Initial F-14A Release (Beta, with some -B-isms remaining!)

Cobra847 goes on to reveal their medium to long term plans as well, saying,

Primary medium term release items (~late Summer) are the Forrestal class, full completion of the F-14A and new in-cockpit pilots. We decided to push the Forrestal class release and prioritize the F-14A, as this will allow us to correct remaining SC carrier issues, and to tweak the Forrestal to be better compatible with changing carrier code in the DCS platform. With the launch of the F-14A and Forrestal class and campaigns, we will be close to feature complete on the F-14, with the exception of the A-6. Our goal, as stated previously, is to be done and dusted by the 2y anniversary of the F-14 launch (Mar, 2021).


Though Heatblur have been a bit quiet recently, it sounds like they have an ambitious several months planned out ahead of them and that both of their premier DCS World modules will be seeing either added content, updated features, or a little touch up paint here and there as required.

Check out the full update right here.

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  1. grammaton632 says:

    Good news then. Getting the worst airframe/engine pairing in history and pilot bodies.

    Thanks for update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It was surely not that much fun in real life but in a simulation it makes things all the more interesting!


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