Team Fusion shows off more desert war MC.202!

The latest video from Team Fusion Simulations shows nearly 8-minutes of the MC.202 in action in the skies over North Africa which is coming as part of the desert war themed expansion for IL-2: Cliffs of Dover. Let’s have a look!

Lots of detail for the MC.202

The Italian MC.202 is one of the best known fighters of the Italian air forces during WWII serving up almost until the end of the conflict and facing down a couple of years of desert warfare in North Africa. The MC.202 was well built, considered to have good handling, while suffering ultimately from poor armament.

According to the latest update, four variants of the MC.202 will be available in TFS v5.0.

  • C.202 Series III
  • C.202 Series III Alta Quota
  • C.202 Series VII
  • C.202 Series VII Alta Quota

The Alta Quota apparently indicates high altitude although I was unable to dig up any details on what configuration these MC.202’s used.

The below video shows off the MC.202 model in combat in IL-2: Cliffs of Dover complete with what appears to be a beautifully detailed cockpit, damage model effects, takeoff, landing, and some fierce combat against some Spitfire Vb’s. Have a look!

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  1. Bruce Turcotte says:

    Noting beat Cliffs cockpit and DM.

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  2. Pattle says:

    Thanks Bruce, the team who put the Macchi together have done an amazing job, inside and out. It’s great to fly. Cheers, Pattle

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