DCS: A-7 update from FlyingIron

We haven’t heard much from them for a little while but FlyingIron Simulations is back with a big update on their DCS: A-7E Corsair II (and P-38J Lightning for X-Plane) that they are busy building. Here’s some of the highlights from their update.

Work on multiple levels

While there isn’t much new in the art team’s portfolio to share, FlyingIron did expand on some of the other work they are doing. Flight models is a bit piece of the effort and so right now they are working on the SFM (Simple Flight Model) which is still used by AI aircraft in DCS World. This apparently also gives the team a baseline to operate from.

They are also heavily involved with the EFM effort as well which is theoretically on par with Eagle Dynamics own PFM which they reserve for their own models. EFM is a bit more flexible from the sounds of it and FlyingIron has detailed their approach,

We are experimenting with multiple approaches of FM simulation, however it is likely we will use a hybridised combination of blade element theory, CFD analysis & data tables to create our FM. Ultimately we believe in this case the end is more important than the means; our number 1 priority is and always will be to create an A7 that flies as true-to-life as it possibly can, and we will use any combination of techniques to achieve this.

FlyingIron Simulations dev update

In addition to flight modeling they are also working on the core systems. This includes hydraulics, fuel, and electrical systems of the A-7 and are the foundations for more complex systems including the weapons.

New workflows were also discussed in the update and they discussed how techniques such as photogrammetry (interpreting images to provide simulated replicas) are being used to help generate the art assets needed later on.

Progressing but not coming in 2020

Originally when FlyingIron announced their A-7, they projected their target launch date in 2020, however, I was skeptical at the time if they could pull that off and it is now clear to FlyingIron that it will not be coming in 2020.

Earlier in the year when we first announced the A7, we speculated that we had hoped to have the module ready for release sometime towards the end of 2020. We must inform you that after working on the project we have adjusted our release expectations into a more realistic time-frame; we’re sad to say that the A7 will not be ready for release in 2020.

FlyingIron Simulations dev update

I know there may be a bit of disappointment, however, I see this as a positive with the team working on producing a solid product rather than rushing to hit an imaginary deadline.

Future models?

P-38L Lightning for X-Plane

FlyingIron’s art team are hard at work on their other aircraft module currently underway – the P-38L Lightning for X-Plane 11. They are expecting to launch the P-38L by August after which the team will be fully focused on the A-7.

Inevitably when a new developer comes on board they are asked what other aircraft they might be working on. FlyingIron has avoided a major pitfall here I think by saying unequivocally that they are focused on their current project and will not pursue another DCS World aircraft until the A-7 is done.

As we’ve stated previously, we will not be taking on any further DCS projects until the A7 is 100% complete; our goal is to ensure that the A7 reaches the highest standard in the fastest possible time-frame, and we don’t wish to compromise that by taking on another project as complex as a DCS module. After the A7 is released & complete, we will be open to the possibility of beginning another project.

FlyingIron Simulations dev update

Could that future project involve their already completed P-38 for X-Plane? Maybe! Although there would be significant work, it would dovetail nicely into the other recently released content for DCS WWII and right now that theatre is lacking in having this aircraft.

For now, however, FlyingIron is focused and I look forward to more updates! Read the full update from FlyingIron here.

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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    I always thought that the A-7E Corsair is one hell of a sexy looking aircraft, and I’m really looking forward to fly this baby in DCS. Dogfighting against the Mig19 and Mig21 should be a lot of fun!


    1. clannk says:

      you’re setting yourself up for quite a challenge – as the A-7 is a subsonic ground attack aircraft designed to replace the Skyhawk, NOT for tangling with supersonic Migs!


  2. Warlock says:

    For all my ground-pounding needs.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    Was there not an F-8? That was cool aircraft.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Magnitude3/Leatherneck are working on an F-8 which will also be exciting to see!


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