1CGS updates us on Battle of Normandy, C-47 screenshots

From finishing a new free campaign for the Tempest Mark V to building new aircraft, there appears to be a lot going on at the 1CGS office and this week’s update covers a little bit of everything with the focus on new content for Battle of Normandy. Here’s some highlights that we learned about this week…. plus let’s look at that C-47!

Campaigns, aircraft and new features

A little bit of everything was touch on this week. Let’s talk aircraft first because they are so essential to the experience. Seven aircraft are currently under develop and at various stages of completion. According to the list Jason Williams gave us much earlier in the project, the C-47 Dakota (an AI aircraft) was early in the pipeline supposedly coming just after the Hurricane and the screenshots released today look very good.

Here’s what we know about the other aircraft as of today:

  • C-47 – Exterior model textured and in-engine, flight model being worked on
  • Spitfire XIV – Exterior model textured and in-engine, flight model being worked on
  • Bf109G-6 Late – Flight model being worked on
  • P-51B – 3D model being worked on
  • Typhoon Mark IB – 3D model being worked on
  • Mosquito – 3D model being worked on

Work also underway includes a deeper system for controlling fuel systems, a new free scripted campaign for the Tempest Mark V called “A Violent Wind,” work on revising general aircraft visibility after a discussion had earlier in the week with the community, Air Marshal, AI improvements and “building technical capacity” for the new Normandy map.

Not given much mention again this week is the Hurricane Mark II which has taken a bit longer now than originally expected. Perhaps as a result of all of the different armament configurations that the team has undertaken to do. When it does arrive, it will be worth it, it’s just taking a bit of time!

The Dakota in the room

Any time 1CGS shows us a beautiful AI aircraft model… I want it. First it was the Ju-52, then it was the B-25 and now the C-47 Dakota. Although transport aircraft occupy a niche in the IL-2: Great Battles series, I still really want the C-47 and that’s because of two sim related reasons: First, it provides a counterpoint to the Ju52 and makes things a bit more even for the two teams (useful on a server like TAW or Finnish Virtual Pilots – Dynamic War) and second because it may actually help sell more Ju52’s because there is now more of a reason to have transport aircraft in multiplayer scenarios.

There are less logic driven, more emotional reasons too. The C-47 and the DC-3 that it was based on is another aviation icon that transcends World War II. Between the civilian and military versions produced on and off license, this airframe saw 20,000 produced with some still in service in niche roles. One of my Great Uncles flew one during Operation Manna that dropped 7,000 tones of food over parts of the Netherlands.

Although there are no plans to make the C-47 flyable right now according to the developers, with a completed exterior 3D model and soon to be finished flight model, I feel like 2/3rds of the project are done. Hopefully one day we’ll see it come to fruition (along with that B-25).


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    Can I giggle a little at the Tempest campaign name?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Giggle, snicker, guffaw away 🙂


      1. Blue 5 says:


        “Hiwa hau Maka” world have been cooler.

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  2. LD88 says:

    I completely agree with you about wanting a user flyable C-47 (& B-25). Combo of being absolutely iconic and also a counter part to the ju52 is a no-brainer from my perspective. Its also a lot more unique than yet another FW, BF etc fighter. Would also love to see a Storch added to game for same reasons to counter balance Po-2, and add game play (sneak past enemy lines to pick up agents, fly to FOB’s to drop off /pick up people or parts, etc, especially in tricky landing areas. Could also be used for added game play elements like Forward observer for calling for fire, etc. Pulse raising trying to evade enemy fighters, AA, sticking a landing, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aphorismenoi says:

      I sometimes wonder whether the allied players realize just how much JU-52 flying is going on (especially in TAW) and then I feel a little sad for them while hugging the ground in a formation of six or seven on yet another paratrooper drop mission. Or when just doing a laid back supply mission because the day did not lend itself for too much excitement in the evening. I absolutely love the fact that this is in the simulation and wholeheartedly agree, that the C-47 would be a great addition.

      And … a Storch! I would be the happiest player whatsoever if they added that plane. Until that time I just whisper its name in whatever barely related thread over in the forums I notice. *duck*

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  3. Well, Air Marshal – long and dearly awaited – I think might be the key for another step ahead in MP concerning immersion, challenges and teamwork. I really hope with Air Marshal released, tasks like
    recce, transport and paratrooper operations may be rewarded like air/ground kills too.

    At the moment, not many people take the opportunity flying such “non rewarding” missions because
    of those dumb statistics, although it is actually very challenging and fun to fly such missions, be it
    on TAW or Finish Virtual Pilots – I love it and don’t really care, if I get some points on the stats.

    I’m really looking forward to the Air Marshal and, who knows, a flyable C-47. Would be great!

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