Flight Simulator’s first patch is out, more to come

Asobo Studios plans to deliver a one-two punch with patches for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the first patch being made available yesterday and a follow-up patch due soon. This all according to the latest developer update which focuses in on the work that is being done to shore up some of Flight Simulators weak spots. Plus some interesting stats and a couple of new videos have surfaced offering some unique places to visit in the sim. Here’s everything we know!

Focused approach to patches

Flying near the island of Saint Barthelemy

Flight Simulator has not had a perfect launch with the biggest problem being the installation failures that have plagued many users. Just getting the sim installed has proven to be a challenge in some instances and that has obviously dampened spirits somewhat around the new sim.

Asobo Studio’s first patch, released yesterday, was tailor made to address some of those immediate concerns – particularly around installation. I haven’t heard as much chatter about install issues since the patch so hopefully it’s solved those problems.

Next up we have patch two which has no release date but is intended to solve more issues being experienced within the simulator and is expected to come before the end of September. This all according to the latest developer update.

Asobo’s efforts are focused on reports coming in from their bug reporting forum. The issues being worked on include:

  • Live weather providing for little to no wind in many regions or with live weather suddenly stopping altogether
  • Autopilot issues including problems with Garmin and Airbus autopilots
  • Bugs with real time traffic
  • Performance issues

Additionally, the team has released a top issues and wishlist from the community which I think is an interesting guide to what is being worked on and what the community at large is most interested in.

Not on the list but one that I’m hoping for is a good replay system. Useful for training as well as cinematic making, hopefully they will be able to bring one in at some point in development.

Interesting stats

The marketing team at Microsoft have released the following infographic showing off some interesting stats. Among them are the three most popular aircraft, the most popular airport, the longest flight, and the total number of flights and miles flown by the community so far.

I think the aircraft in particular are most interesting. The TBM 930 is a great way to go exploring the sim world with the performance and features to give it the ability to get from point to point fairly quickly while still retaining the agility and ease of handling to land at most airports. The CJ4 is an interesting stat for second place with business jets being among the more rare types usually featured in a sim. Finally it’s no surprise to me that the A320 neo has attracted plenty of airliner fans.

World exploration ideas

Cessna CJ4 flying off the coast near Dubai’s famous palm islands

Although my first inclination was to start my flying close to home and check out places I already know and see what they look like in the sim, Flight Simulator offers nearly the entire planet for exploration and they have released two videos showing off different locations and hopefully inspiring some new choices for your next flight.


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  1. captaindew79 says:

    One thing I’d like to see implemented asap is an option to configure measurement units. I’m used to weight in kgs, altimeter settings in hPa etc, not lbs and inHg etc.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’d be really helpful no doubt!


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