Flying Iron provides an update on their DCS: A-7E Corsair II module

Flying Iron Simulations doesn’t often post but when they do its often filled with information on what they are working on and what they are doing next. In this latest update we see the high detail A-7 3D model that they are doing along with some status updates on the various aspects of the A-7 module’s development trajectory. Let’s have a look!

Corsair II well underway

There’s a growing collection of cold war era of jet aircraft coming in this sim and it the A-7 is going to add to that capability with another very interesting carrier borne aircraft. Flying Iron’s update includes news that their phase 1 development which includes the simple flight model for AI, basic testing of the EFM for players, testing the HUD, coding the core systems, and testing a simplified simulation of the TF41, is now complete.

Phase two is now well underway as the team expands the basic functions of the jet and their programming capabilities. Meanwhile, they also report that their 3D modeler is now working on a detailed pass of the jet’s exterior model. The results speak for themselves.

Fuel systems, electrical systems and the more advanced flight model are all now priorities of the team as they work towards finishing the project. Phase two is part of a four part project plan laid out by the team so this will still take some time to put together but it is great to see yet another classic cold war era jet come together.

Check out their development update for more details and some links to some interesting explanations on how the aircraft’s fuel system and HUD (the first modern HUD in a US aircraft BTW) work.


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  1. VK-94 says:

    This is some great news ! I could not tell why but I absolutely love this aircraft. It is for sure one of the most iconic aircraft of the Cold War, from my point of view at least.

    Their Discord channel is a good way to be kept informed of their progress, the developers participate and share details quite often. I’ll keep an eye on this bird, for sure.

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  2. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    So many aircraft to love. I have to say after playing DCS for a few years I am much more interested in the older, cold war era than in the modern ones.

    I remember seeing these all the time when I was growing up, I live along the flight path that units flying training missions from Pensecola to NAS Jax take. Any time I heard a jet I would run outside to see what type it was, A-4s, A-7s and A-6s for the most part.

    Can’t wait.

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    1. I agree, Michael. Super sexy, contemporary aircraft are cool and all, but the 70s/80s era stuff will always hold a special fascination for me. My dream sim/game would be a combined arms, Red Storm Rising scenario that plays out a WWIII scenario, flying and fighting in the Fulda Gap and other Cold War hotspots around the globe.

      Great seeing the A-7 come to life! I’d loooove to see the A-4, F-4, A-6, and the F-111, too!

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      1. Blue 5 says:

        If you had not seen it, there is an unofficial – but very nicely built – A-4 available as a module.

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