Tom Weiss, creator of LockOnFiles, has passed away

An announcement is rippling across the flight sim community today as news that Tom Weiss, the creator of LockOnFiles and a long time community contributor, has passed away.

Notice posted

An announcement has been posted on LockOnFiles, a community website offering files and downloads for DCS World, IL-2, and FSX/P3D as well as (as the name implies) Lock On: Modern Air Combat from before the introduction of DCS World. I did not know Tom but his reputation as a community contributor and creator of LockOnFiles has undoubtedly left a positive mark on the community.

A message posted to the site today indicated that a family member, his nephew, had gained access. Here’s the statement:

Hello LockOnFiles Members,

It is with a heavy heart I write to you with the news of my uncle, Thomas Weiss’, sudden passing on August 31.

I have finally gained access to his account to make this posting. I will do my best to keep the site up and running as long as possible in his honor. If you are interested in becoming an admin of the website please send a message to Tom_Weiss and i will try to answer as quickly as possible.



I offer my condolences to Tom’s family on a tragic loss.

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  1. Blue 5 says:

    As long as people are remembered then they never truly die.

    Thanks for making a post for Tom

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  2. JP says:

    RIP Tom

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  3. Toxin 1 says:

    Enjoyed his work very much. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Tom

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  4. pktis says:

    My God,This is terrible news. All my best to Tom’s Family. Will never be forgot.

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  5. SMOKKIN1CAV* says:

    Top Shelf! He will be missed!
    My condolences to his family and friends. Sierra Hotel Tom!

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