IL-2 patch 4.503 arrives with Bf109G-6 Late, Bf110G-2 4K textures and more

Bf109 and 110 pilots are getting some reinforcements tonight with the new Bf109G-6 Late coming to IL-2: Battle of Normandy in patch 4.503. That new aircraft comes together with new 4K textures for the Bf110G-2 and a bunch further updates and fixes including some more updates for Tank Crew.

Patch summary

We’re just two weeks out from the previous IL-2 patch and that one was a big one. This patch is much smaller in scale but it does come with some nice updates. First, the Bf109G-6 Late is here and helps fill out the Luftwaffe ranks with a key sub version of the Bf109G-6 for that title.

Although the Battle of Normandy career mode (and map) are under development, you can fly the G-6 Late immediately if you already own Battle of Bodenplatte as this aircraft falls in the footsteps of the P-47D-22 before it and is available with some historical squadrons that used the fighter. I./JG 3, II./JG 11, III./JG 26, III./JG 27 and II./JG 77 can all make use of the Bf109G-6 Late.

The Bf110G-2 also now has 4K textures. A nice addition for fans of the 110 and a very welcome upgrade no doubt. Every aircraft receiving the 4K treatment has really improved the overall look of the aircraft and this one will no doubt be no exception.

Tank Crew see’s a series of fixes here with non-player tanks now driving at speeds similar to player tanks, traction on hills has been adjusted, updates to the tank gunner’s AI for choosing correct ammo types in different situations, and all tanks have been updated with steel bulkheads where they should have them.

All of this and more on the IL-2 patch notes.

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Can’t have enough of the Bf-109 🙂

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  2. Eggnog says:

    More 109s to shoot down. Wooo!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Doctor Drago says:

    What a nice surprise. Always liked the look of the Erla Haube!

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