Need more Tank Crew single player? Check out these 140 missions

IL-2: Great Battles Series community member TIGRE88 is very much into making missions for Tank Crew, the series’ offshoot into armored warfare. His mission pack has grown to the hefty size of 140 missions making ample use of the armor from Tank Crew to put single players into all kinds of different tank scenarios. Let’s have a look!

One hundred fourty? Yes, really!

TIGRE88 has amassed 140 missions playable for Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka. The missions and campaigns together count up to that impressive total and include scenarios for the Tiger, Panther, Ferdinand, Pz III, Pz IV, T-34, KV-1S and Sherman. I’ve played a few already and these are small yet fun scenarios to play through with quick action and simple mission objectives. They are the opposite of Tank Crew’s set piece mass tank battles and complex objective situation but that’s ok because these are offering that quick fix for when you want to drive a tank around and get into a battle situation quickly.

You can download the collection of missions and campaigns via a link offered on his “Pack 140 ” thread on the Tank Crew Missions and Campaigns forum.

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Nice offering, that’s a lot of missions.

    Should be fun.

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  2. Fernando says:

    TIGRE88 work is amazing!

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  3. Błażej Seremak says:

    The best tank simulator since Steel Fury: Kharkov

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