Aeroplane Heaven announce Spitfire Mark I for MSFS

The number of announcements for Microsoft Flight Simulator content keeps coming and this next one is near and dear to my heart – it’s a Spitfire! Aeroplane Heaven, well known FSX/P3D developers are bringing the Spitfire Mark Ia to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

Early days of the aircraft’s exterior

The Mark IA Spitfire was among the earliest Spitfire variants and was the star of the Battle of Britain in the eyes of the British public (thought I will never forget about the Hurricane which equipped 2/3rds of RAF squadrons at the time). Although I do struggle a bit with combat aircraft in a civil flight sim, it’s not a bad thing to have some and enjoy the historical nature of the aircraft in this case.

The first screenshots have just been released and they show some of the exterior work on the aircraft. It’s impressive stuff to be sure.

Check out Aeroplane Heaven on their website and Facebook page for more.

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  1. Chuck_Owl says:

    The AH Spitfire in P3D really pales in comparison to the A2A version, but they’re the only developer to ever try to bring us a Lancaster. Hopefully their migration work will continue on other existing planes!


    1. Skycat says:

      Technically A2A did produce a Lancaster as part of the “Wings of Power WWII Heavy Bombers & Jets” package and it was ported over to FSX. But I understand your point. I’ve been waiting for A2A to have aircraft ready for MSFS before I buy in to the new simulator. I’m kinda ‘meh’ on AH’s WWII aircraft myself but I appreciate that they fill an underserved niche in the civilian flight sim market.


  2. ClannK says:

    The graphics of this model are stunningly well done.

    But if it doesn’t fly right, it’s not for me, sadly. OTOH, in fairness, none of the MSFS aircraft available “fly right” – yet…

    So perhaps this could be a nice way to flightsee over the UK.

    Will have to wait for in-game reviews to see (hopefully Dreams of Wings and Into The Blue will cover it)…

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