Sim Update 3 for MSFS coming next week

Asobo Studios latest developer update includes a few details on Sim Update 3 and what is planned for the next patch of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here are some key details that we know about the next update.

Details and live stream incoming

The Garmin series glass cockpit avionics will see updates as part of Sim Update 3

Microsoft Flight Simulator is in a continual state of improvement and Sim Update 3, pushed back slightly because of the need for a hot fix for the flaps issue introduced in World Update 3, is now on its way and slated for next week.

According to the wishlist and feedback snapshots, among the key features of Sim Update 3 will be further improvements to the G1000/3000 series glass panels and improvements to the live weather system. There’s likely more but Asobo has been somewhat tight lipped on the contents of the update.

That should change with their next live stream event planned for next Wednesday which will undoubtedly detail what they have put into this update. We do know that there are ongoing improvements and expansions to the flight model (i.e. adding supersonic modeling) and upgrades planned for engine modeling such as for the sim’s turboprop engines.

Asobo is also planning to feature a takeover event with Pilot Emile, a regional airline captain and flight simulator content creator. You can read about her channel here.

Asobo has also provided the usual screenshot highlights and development updates on what third parties are up to. MSFS is up to 120 aircraft, 223 sceneries, and 636 airports all either released or in development.


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  1. 1_Robert says:

    Thanks for the update Shamrock. Do you know where we can we find a comprehensive list of the 120 aircraft?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think there is one. The Marketplace is probably the place where you have most of them but there are others only released on OrbxDirect, SimMarket, and others. Of course the 120 includes released AND in development including some that are likely not yet public.

      The big announcements I’m trying to keep on top of. Carenado released their PA-28 to the Marketplace this week, Just Flight are releasing their PA-28 very soon, Aerosoft are releasing the CRJ very soon, a Spitfire IX from Flying Iron just came out and another is on the way from another company. The list is endless!


      1. 1_Robert says:

        Yes I’ve sure been enjoying the sim. Haven’t flown il2 for a couple months as I’ve been enjoying the GA flying.

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  2. BERNARD says:

    Problème avec SIM UPDATE 3 ver
    Le téléchargement commence puis s’arrête et repart à 0.
    FS 2020 a été téléchargé sur steam.
    Que faire ?


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