IL-2 update features new objects, P-51B, SPAD 7, more!

I love a good IL-2 developer diary packed with a bunch of different things that the team has been working on and this one does not disappoint. We’ve got new updates on everything from new objects and scenery for Battle of Normandy to a new images of the P-51B, SPAD 7.C1, and Airco D.H.4. And its not done yet because we’re also getting a good look at the nearly finished Sd.Kfz.10/5! No time to waste.

First P-51B in-engine shot

It’s always a good thing when we see an aircraft in development from 1CGS emerge into its first in-engine screenshot. This means that a lot of work to make this happen has been completed and the aircraft is finally starting to become realized in the sim itself. We now have that for the P-51B.

We’ll likely see many more screenshots coming soon so look out for that.

SPAD 7 and D.H.4

Flying Circus fans will like this next set of images as progress appears to be rocketing along and we now have new images of the Airco D.H.4 and SPAD 7.C1. Both of these aircraft are part of Flying Circus Vol 2.

The diary also mentions that the new Western Front map is making progress. It doesn’t specify if its the enlarged Arras sector map or the Phase II Verdun sector but I’m guessing the latter. Images of the new map are coming soon in a future developer diary.

Sd.Kfz.10/5 with 20mm Flak 38 nearly done?

It sure looks like the Sd.Kfz.10/5 is nearly done. This Collector Vehicle is due out sometime soon and the developer diary lists it as being nearly complete. It is the German counterpart to the Soviet GAZ-MM 72-K that is already available and it will give vehicle drivers on the German side a good mobile AA platform to defend their tanks with.

The update shows the vehicle with both winter and summer schemes as well as providing good views both inside and out.

Normandy map objects

Finally, we have some very cool new objects on display for the Normandy map including the British Chain Home Radar station towers which were used during the Battle of Britain and on to help locate German raids. We also have the Évreux Cathedral, and a bunch of objects showing off the temporary harbour facilities for the Allied invasion beachheads.

One IL-2 forum member noted that one of the ships in the background looks like a Liberty ship. That may well be the case although I can’t confirm (what are your thoughts?).

Objects like these kind of blend into the background once they are completed, however, their absence would be felt all the more so I love to see the work done on these and the kinds of details that the team have been able to put into them.

For this and more, check out the latest IL-2 developer diary.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    That’s a LOT of good news 🙂

    Don’t much care for the Mustang B – i’m all about the Arado, Me 410 and Mossie (in that order) 🙂

    Flakwagen is a tuff lookin mutha – i really like it

    I’d have to agree that’s very likely a Liberty ship – closely matches the profile.

    Their 3D modeling keeps stepping up in detail, looking better and better. I hope they don’t go overboard like ED does with DCSW. IL2 is one of the best performing AND best looking flight sims ever. Wouldn’t want that balance upset.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I suspect that the team has improved their detailing at least partially through clever use of textures and the occasional bump up in 3D model usage. Most of the time those have limited performance impacts and I think we’re seeing many of these improvements just through the team learning to do better work over time.

      IL-2’s requirements have crept up slowly over the years but nothing like DCS.


  2. Oyster_KAI says:

    The cloud and grass of IL-2 GB are already outdated. I guess it can be upgraded at the end of the year and may cooperate with Modder.It will be great that come with new Normandy map.
    The current engine can use PBR textures (like the knob of the Yak-9 gun-sight). The graphic of this game has come to the edge of elimination. I’m looking forward to future texture improvement plans.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    There is something delightfully ‘steam-punky’ about the SPAD cockpit.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yes there is! It’s a kind of work of art with the wood dashboard and intricate gauges. It’s a fascinating piece of machinery!


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