Mossie Monday is here with a new taxi and takeoff tutorial

Sunstag Ancient Gamer is back with a new tutorial on the DCS Mosquito FB VI with the latest video focused on everything that you need to know to taxi and takeoff in the Mossie.

Get ready to takeoff

From final pre-takeoff checks to taxi and takeoff technique, the latest tutorial video has all of the details that you need to get the the Mosquito off the ground and cruising to altitude. As a bonus, the end of the video also ends with what sounds like a 633 Squadron inspired music theme – possibly the main menu theme for this module. Check it out!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Steam has it as unlocking in 1 day and 17 hours. We’ll see.

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  2. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    Hope you are right Canadaone! Mossie by Friday!

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