IL-2 hotfix addresses long list of items

IL-2 version 4.702 released just before the Russian Christmas Holiday period bringing with it the P-51B and a bunch of new features. Now, just on the otherside of the holidays, we have a fairly substantial hotfix that you may want to have a look at addressing a long list of items including a couple of especially notable ones. Let’s have a look!


I don’t often report on a hotfix but sometimes they are substantial enough that its worth noting and this one definitely is. Coming in just a few hours ago, the hotfix addresses a number of key items.

One of the more notable ones is a quirk with the P-51B. Originally the head movement on the aircraft was limited to the standard canopy configuration, even with the hood pulled back, however, now the canopy has been given its out parameters.

It looks like this update is probably a new feature because the FW190D-9 bubble canopy also has new head movement dimensions when fitted. Nice!

Other features updated include fixing some of the hazing effects when not using 150km view distance, cloud pixelation at long distances have been corrected, the whistling sound of the gunports on the P-51B have been reduced (to match the four instead of six gunports), and both nav lights and tracers are visible from longer ranges again. That last one may prove controversial as some wanted and appreciated the reduced distance. This comes with a caveat that 1CGS plan to still reduce these at longer ranges in the future but for now the feature goes back to where it was until they have a better solution.

The full patch notes containing 36 items is available for reading here.


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  1. Robert Haynes says:

    The nav light thing is definitely unrealistic… but so is not having everyone on comms. I feel like nav lights end up in this weird spot acting as a comm method for planes that aren’t even on comms.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It is a weird dynamic but you’re right.

      It sounds like they are going to take a more concerted effort to reprogram how they work over short and longer ranges in a future update. Seems worth waiting for that.


  2. Firdimigdi says:

    Ah, so if I’m reading this correctly they need to separate the way some emissive effects/shaders are handled – probably due to optimizations some are rendered in the same pass so their attempt to reduce the navlight visibility affected all such effects and as a result tracers (and the search light navbeams – and probably flares as well) had the same level of attenuation as the navlights.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Reading between the lines, yeah it seems possible and even likely that this is what happened.

      They will be coming back to it so I’m sure once they have more time to tackle the issue they will.


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