MB-339, F4U, new AI aircraft DCS dev update

We have our first official DCS World news update for 2022 and it comes to us with a little bit of new information on a variety of projects including the MB-339, the F4U Corsair, plus a look at some very highly detailed AI 3D models for a future DCS World update. Let’s have a look!

MB-339 and F4U progress

I’ve reported on a number of progress reports from IndiaFoxtEcho, a third party developer that is doing work on both Microsoft Flight Simulator and DCS World aircraft. They have already released a simplified MB-339 for MSFS while they build out a more complex simulation for DCS World.

This DCS World news update is one of the first times that we’ve seen an update directly from Eagle Dynamics on the matter. Indeed, in a recent update, IndiaFoxtEcho did report that they were in the process of submitting the aircraft to Eagle Dynamics.

I have high hopes that we’ll see this aircraft release over the next two quarters of this year. In the meantime, check out these exterior and cockpit images. The cockpit images in particular are very impressive!

This week also has a F4U update featured in. We haven’t learned anything new from what was mentioned about a week ago during the Magnitude 3 update but it is still newsworthy that Eagle Dynamics is mentioning it in one of their first 2022 updates. Coming out this week, post update, have been some new images which Eagle Dynamics has included one in the update of the F4U’s radium based instrumentation which glows after being exposed to light. And of course the cockpit is really looking impressive now as is the Essex!

I hope we learn more this year about where DCS WWII is going and if the transition to a Pacific themed theatre will be backed up by additional content and modules.

New AI aircraft

Also on display this week is the work on the 3D models of three AI aircraft for DCS World. We’ve heard that the S-3, B-52 and B-1B were all going to see updates but now we have actual 3D models to look at (although the B-52 images don’t appear to be available for download at the moment).

Although they look spectacularly detailed, I still expect a long lead time before we see these arrive in the sim. AI assets do tend to take a long time to appear and I’ve no doubt that paid modules like the AH-64 take precedence.

No AH-64 update this week

Conspicuous by its absence, we have no updates on the DCS: AH-64D Apache or its release date. That said, the list of features still in development make me think that this module still needs more time before early access. Indeed, most of us want a at least partially functional module before it goes to early access and I suspect ED is working to get it to that point before launch.

Making the rounds this week was rumours of a January 26 launch. That was fueled by the January 26 release date on the Steam Store page. So far, nothing else has confirmed that date and Steam Store pages are usually obligated to provide some sort of release date according to sources at Eagle Dynamics.

I’d caution on too much hype for now but stay tuned as this module moves its way closer to a launch.

In the meantime, read all of the latest in the DCS World Weekend News update.


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  1. 1_Robert says:

    Thanks for the update, that F4U looks amazing. Surprised but not surprised there’s no Apache update. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone and apparently this holds especially true for small niche markets such as flight sim/games. It feels like the development and updates from all the major devs in this genre have been moving at a snail’s pace. Not a complaint, just an observation. That said, it’s always good to practice patience haha.


  2. Gasman says:

    Never mind an AI B1 Bone, I want a flyable one! could you imagine navigating and flying that thing at 200ft AGL! exciting times none the less.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’d be a really compelling module. A few rumours are kicking around about a flyable B-1 in the future but nothing substantial.

      Perhaps it will appear on a roadmap in a couple of years 🙂


  3. Warlock says:

    I remember that a while back I gave a try to the Skyhawk mod and was amazed by its quality. Shortly afterwards I’ve found out about the MB-339, and thought to myself “this can’t be better than the Skyhawk, right?”. As soon as I started it up my jaw dropped – not only did it look stunning, whereas the Skyhawk (back in that time) was feeling somewhat odd to handle, the MB-339 felt AMAZING. The feedback on the gauges and shaking of the cockpit as I roll to the runway, and generally the response of the aircraft was mind-blowing. These people definitely know what they’re doing. This aircraft is also remarkably simple to fly, and a great first step in DCS for new people (although they usually find it hard not to go directly to something like the F-16).

    Another thing I found out purely because it showed up on my feed in Steam – Shamrock, you may want to look up a simulator called Reentry. It’s like DCS, but centered around space-flight. It has the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo vessels, and these cockpits look like something you’d typically find in DCS. Just a heads-up 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      IFT are really good developers and I think their first DCS World outing is going to be a good one. Even if its not exactly a popular aircraft – it may find a beloved niche status. We’ll see!

      Sounds interesting! I’ll have a look at it although I admit to simulator overload at this point 🙂


  4. CanadaOne says:

    I was a bit underwhelmed by the update, I thought there was going to be a bit more substantial. Maybe because I thought the MB-339 was released given the heading, but only to see it’s still on the list of “in the future” items. Not sure I’ll buy it, but I will give it consideration as long as it’s not priced like a Tomcat. The AI modules do look good.

    And I’m going to go look at Reentry on Steam right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Warlock says:

      Looks like it went completely under the radar. It’s been in development for some time now, but there’s very small population to it. It probably should get more praise, because it really gives a DCS-like feel.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. CanadaOne says:

        At first I thought the MB-339 was a waste of time. Too long a wait for not that interesting a plane. It will be the third two-seat trainer type plane. But I felt bad about trashing it so I’ll at least give it a fair look. And if they have success with the 339, they just might make an F-104. I’d support the team for that.


  5. Osskozzot says:

    With the list of features they want in for the Apache, I predict an early march release. I do not really care about the MB-339, although the F4U looks really great even if the WWII plane I fly them only in Il-2.
    That F4U with the carrier looks tempting!

    Liked by 1 person

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