Flying Iron introduces major update for MSFS Spitfire Mark IX

It feels like ages ago when I reviewed Flying Iron Simulations Spitfire IX for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since that time, the team over there have been busy introducing a series of updates for the aircraft and this latest version has quite a list.

Major update

The news starts off with word that the team at Flying Iron Simulations has completely converted the code from WASM (web assembly code) to ensure compatibility with the Xbox version. An active Spitfire IX pilot has also been working with Flying Iron to improve the flight model and systems simulation.

Update 1.2.0 comes packed with a variety of fixes and improvements. A new high fidelity flight and engine model simulation updates, improved VR camera view, brake lever animation adjustment, detailed electrical system, improved fuel pressure system, and the addition of the modern prop physics are just some of the items on the list. There are also improvements to sound and art design.

The full update is available on their website.


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  1. Mike Smith says:

    Thank you for the update. It is great that Flying Iron are still improving their product. There is new landmarks/scenery for the UK too, so it is even better flying the Spitfire in MSFS now.


  2. CanadaOne says:

    Would like to see a real hotrod MK XIV or MK XXIV for MSFS.


  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    Love these guys!
    This bodes well for all the other warbirds in their pipeline!
    Hopefully they’re already looking at adding the recently enabled CFD.

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