Heatblur takes us behind the scenes with the F-4 Phantom

Creating a DCS World aircraft requires a substantial amount of work and Heatblur are one of those teams that has consistently gone above and beyond to attempt to capture every detail of real world aircraft that they are modeling so that they can give us an authentic experience. A new video shows us little piece of that process.

Capturing the Phantom in detail

Released on Facebook and shared on Twitter by Eagle Dynamics, Heatblur have produced a small documentary. It showcases the work that they are doing to capture the F-4 Phantom for DCS World. In this instance, the team have visited to Slovakian Air Museum to have a look at the F-4 Phantom there. This is rare opportunity to go behind the scenes so have a look!


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    I have a dirty little secret: I’m just not jazzed for Phantom.
    There, I said it.

    I grew up when they were on the wane but still commonplace. F-14A and early Eagle Cs ruled the skies, and the upstart digital jets YF-16 and YF-17 “Hornet” had only recently finished duking it out.

    Phantom was the Old Guard. Respected, but “obsolete”…

    I’ll get it, because who could skip it? But for me it will be a collector’s item – in the hangar but rarely flown.

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    1. Maffedur says:

      I feel the same. But I am glad it gets added. Especially since Cold War era seems like the place DCS can really expand and create a diverse spectrum of aircraft.

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    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s ok! The great thing is we’ve got some really good options these days. Another commenter wasn’t jazzed about the F1 but the F-4 Phantom was something they really wanted. Love to see the options out there!

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      1. Urgent Siesta says:

        Oh, yeah – The more, the merrier! And for the sake of the many who have (im)patiently waited for years, I’m genuinely happy it’s finally coming! 🙂


      2. t5s_blanco says:

        That was probably me, or sort of me. The F-4 was my favorite plane as a kid. My 1:32 scale Phantom was dogfighting the Millenium Falcon for about 3 years there when I was a kid. Man being a kid was so much fun. Real world? Who cares!

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    3. CanadaOne says:

      I’m in the same boat. Not a big fan of the F-4. But it might be so ridiculously well done, like the F-14, that I might get it. Not sure.

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    4. Woodcutter says:

      It depends more on what you want to do with DCS. You want to play cold war against Mig-19, Mig-15, Mig-21 the F4 is competitive. Of course you won’t hit an F-16… DCS is not only a SPAMRAAM simulator


  2. ((dB)) says:

    That would be a nice addition for the cold war servers. Hopefully they do the one with the gun


    1. Maffedur says:

      They are doing multiple versions. Starting with an early E version (gun armed), they will later include a later/modern E variant (also gun armed), while also including two navy versions. They are planning the same thing that Aerges is currently doing with their Mirage F1, however Heatblur have stated the navy versions might become separate modules due to the extra work required to recreate them.


  3. Gretsch_Man says:

    Well, contrary to all those obviously younger folks out there, when I grew up the F-4 Phantom still was very much “the thing”, so to speak. Thus, getting this airplane once it’s out is a no-brainer for me, especially since it’ll be done by HB.

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  4. mike says:

    as carrier type almost exclusively I wish they had added the A6 first. Virtually everything on the carrier is some kind of fighter even if it can drop bombs. Love fighters I cant wait for the F-8 but the A6 has a lot of overlap that the F-4 just doesn’t have. It is true that we have the A-4, but it isnt multicrew and doesnt stretch into the gulf war era the way the A6 does.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      At least we know it’s coming eventually. It seems to me like the A-6 was always going to be a big job so they decided to slot the F-4.

      Don’t forget the Flying Iron A-7 Corsair II. They do good work and it might arrive sooner than the A-6.


  5. Blue5 says:

    Definite buy for me. The ‘60s USN schemes are just too cool and it is such sn iconic ‘iron’ bird

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  6. Razor says:

    The phantom is such a real airplane, that I asked for it in 1989 knowing it was was virtually gone, could have gotten a Eagle but I loved that thing since I was a kid before ever leaving ground, and I killed a few 15’s, 16’s and tamecats. It’s really not the equipment if you employ it correctly everyone is vulnerable especially 1v1.

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