VIRPIL Controls opens US distribution center

VIRPIL Controls is opening up a North American distribution center according a news update from the team. Located in the United States, the new center looks set to make it easier to get access to VIRPIL hardware on this continent. Let’s have a look!

The big news

VIRPIL Controls have, up until now, been a European based flight sim hardware maker. Their success has received considerable praise from reviewers and flight sim fans. I’ve had the opportunity to review several of their pieces of hardware and I was impressed each time (check out my latest review of the VIRPIL MongoostT-50 CM3 throttle).

The big news is that they are opening up operations in the United States to service the North American region. This is a big move and a big announcement. In their announcement they played up what the change would mean.

However, we are not simply opening a virtual online storefront – VIRPIL USA is based out of Tampa, Florida. Inventory will be held on location in our new warehouse, allowing for fast and convenient order shipping. Warranty repairs and servicing will also be available in-house at VIRPIL USA, facilitating quicker turn-around times and improved service.

This will be great for a variety of reasons from faster shipping to quicker warranty support to no longer having to deal with those duty fees when crossing the border – at least for American customers.

Read the full announcement here!


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  1. padinn says:

    This is going to be right where I live!


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