Flying Circus Vol 1 Product Roadmap

Early  Access has begun on Flying Circus Vol 1 – the spiritual successor to Rise of Flight in the new IL-2 Digital Warfare engine. When complete, the series will have ten World War I era aircraft from the spring 1918 timeperiod. Until then, this is a running tally of what we know is coming and when.

The tentative timeline

Note: This timeline will be updated with definitive information when aircraft and other major content items are released. All other projections are purely speculative unless otherwise noted.

July 2018

SPAD13-the-trainSPAD XIII – One of the most produced and successful French fighters of the war, the SPAD was also used heavily by British and American pilots. The SPAD was not quite as agile as some of its competitors but it was fast and well armed.

Release date: July 18, 2018

Patch 3.005

FokkerDr1-overcloudsFokker Dr. I – The iconic and extremely well known Fokker Dr. I tri-plane was the famous mount of Manfred von Richthofen or the “Red Baron.” The Dr. I was a popular type in 1917 and served until the end of the war despite its increasing obsolescence at the hands of newer Allied types.

Release date: July 18, 2018

Patch 3.005

Before end of 2018

A recent developer update indicates that the Sopwith Camel and Pfalz D.IIIa are currently under development. The release date for these two may come as early as September or October 2018.

Unknown release dates

  • Sopwith Dolphin
  • RAF S.E.5.a
  • Bristol F.2B
  • Albatros D.Va
  • Fokker D.VII
  • Halberstadt CL.II

Arras Sector Map

Arras-mapFlying Circus’ Arras sector map is currently under development and will comprise 100x120km of territory surrounding Arras including a good portion of No-Mans-Land.

The map will very likely be done up to the same standards as 1CGS has perfected on their previous Kuban, Moscow, and upgraded Stalingrad maps.

Release date: Unknown