IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte Product Roadmap

1CGS is hard at work on IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte and with the start of Early Access and the first aircraft and features being released, I thought it would be a good time to start tracking the product roadmap as we know it so far. Come back often as new details emerge.

The timeline

Note: This timeline will be updated with definitive information when aircraft and other major content items are released. All other projections are purely speculative unless otherwise noted.

May 2018


Spitfire IXe – It’s Merlin 66 and Merlin 70 engine along with enhanced firepower and ground attack options make the Spitfire IX one of the top fighters in the series and a legendary fighter respected by friends and foes alike.

This aircraft has been released.

Release date: May 24, 2018

Patch: 3.003


Bf109G-14 – An attempt at reconciling a year and a half worth of upgrades to the Bf109G-6 design, the G-14 comes with MW50 engine boost, an optional MK108 30mm cannon, and bomber killing rockets.

This aircraft has been released.

Release date: May 24, 2018

Patch 3.003

July 2018

FW190A-8-pe2-fireFW190A-8/F-8 – An upgraded version of the FW190A series with a redesigned and lighter wing accommodating four MG151/20 cannons. F-8 version with Panzerblitz rockets and additional bomb loadouts are also be available.

This aircraft has been released. Additional modifications are currently unreleased and expected in the fall.

Release date: July 18, 2018

Patch 3.005

Autumn 2018

The Bf109K-4 is currently under development. It’s external model appears complete while we have not yet seen its cockpit. Due to its similarity to earlier Bf109 models, this aircraft may be released next.

Bf109K_2Bf109K-4 – The last major production variant of the Bf109, the K-4 version featured the DB 605D engine with close to 2,000hp and aerodynamic and production refinements. It was one of the highest performing piston engine fighters of the war and it packed a punch with MK108 30mm cannon standard.

The P-47D-28 3D model is under development now along with its flight model. The cockpit is currently un-textured.

Jug_5P-47D-28 – The Thunderbolt was a large and powerful fighter used by the USAAF throughout the later years of WWII. Fast, tough, and equally adept at high altitude fighter sweeps as well as low altitude fighter-bomber operations.

Release date: Unknown

Before end of 2018

The Po-2VS has entered testing and is expected to be available in one of the next patches.

Po2VS_2Po-2VS – Built in huge numbers and used for everything from training to artillery spotting to night time bombing, the Po-2 was a ubiquitous presence on the Eastern Front throughout the war and beyond.

Release date:

Early 2019?

The FW190D-9 3D model is under development. An untextured cockpit was recently shown off in development screenshots.

FW190_1FW190D-9 – Powered by an in-line Jumo 213 engine, the D-9 is the most capable of the FW190 fighter series in air combat and helped to answer the latest and most powerful Allied fighters late in the war. Distinctive longer nose and fuselage make the D-9 stand out.

Release date: Unknown

Unknown dates

  • Tempest Mark V Series 2 – 3D model currently being built and the team is currently searching for cockpit resources
  • P-51D-15 (or D-25?) – 3D model currently being built
  • Me262A – 3D model currently being built
  • P-38J (-25?)
  • B-25C/Mitchel II

North West Europe Map

Bodenplatte-mapThe North West Europe Map is currently under development by 1CGS’ Map Team. The map will be the largest built by the team covering considerable territory from Amsterdam and the North Sea in the north-western corner to Frankfurt in the south-east.

The release date of the map is currently unknown. Given its size and complexity, it may be early 2019 before the new map releases.