Flight Journal: Tokyo to Osaka in MSFS (the good, bad and ugly)

Sim Update 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a big moment for the sim and while my overall opinion is that this is a good update that will be a key moment for both the sim and the franchise on the whole over the long run, it’s also been a bit of a shaky launch….

Flight Jounal: The Japan Tour

Time for another Flight Journal and this one is going to be a big one. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s first world update focused on the island nation of Japan and I’ve taken advantage of that update by setting myself up with a series of short and long haul flights across the island nation. I’ve long wanted…

Flight Journal: Over Okinawa in Flight Simulator

My flying time has been somewhat curtailed due to a hectic schedule but I did sneak in some time to check out Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest update including the world update featuring Japan. I am hoping to conduct a series of flights over the next few weeks exploring the country in more detail. It should…

Flight Simulator Update 3 is out together with Japan upgrade

World Update 1 along with a long list of updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator is out and here’s what you can expect with the new update. Japan is the focus World Update I is the first of what are likely to be many world updates coming to the sim from the team at Asobo Studios….