DCS: MiG-19 arrives Friday! Plus new DCS feature?

Let the rampant speculation on the DCS: MiG-19’s release date end and instead let loose with the rampant speculation on a new Eagle Dynamics mystery feature all coming this Friday. Say what now? Allow me to explain. MiG-19 ‘Farmer’ ready for release Though delayed by about four weeks, the DCS: MiG-19 by RAZBAM is now…

RAZBAM to upgrade MiG-19 cockpit, another bonus

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the exterior visuals on the DCS: MiG-19 coming to DCS World, however, I have to admit that the cockpit shots haven’t been quite as impressive. They always looked good but it was missing… something. It looks like RAZBAM thought so too as new developer images shows added details taking shape….