Top Gun: Maverick DLC coming to MSFS at the end of May

Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team at Asobo have teamed up with Paramount Pictures for their impending release of Top Gun: Maverick. Here’s the latest on what we know of the DLC. Top Gun action Delayed many times on account of the pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick is finally coming to movie theatres on May 24th….

Thoughts on Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Top Gun F/A-18 announcement

We learned yesterday that Microsoft and Paramount are going to be doing a little cross promotion that involves Top Gun Maverick and Microsoft Flight Simulator which will bring us an F/A-18E Super Hornet to the sim. Free! That’s a really cool promotion and one that all MSFS pilots will be able to take advantage of….

Flight sim news round-up for April 10

There’s a lot of news flying around these days and here are some key stories that jumped out at me over the last several days that you might want to know about. JustFlight working on a BAe 146 for X-Plane They are calling it the 146 Professional and its a new regional airliner for X-Plane…

Top Gun: Maverick trailer 2 is out!

It’s not often we get a fast jet based movie to go and see in theaters so when there is one on the horizon I get excited to see how it progresses and if it will end up being an enjoyable piece of Hollywood film making. The second trailer for the movie came out just…

New Top Gun: Maverick trailer is out!

Next summer I’m going to be heading to the movie theatre to check out Top Gun: Maverick – the sequel to the revered 80s movie that helped make the F-14 (and Tom Cruise) a household name and synonymous with fighter jets. Now the sequel is in production with the latest trailer dropping earlier today. If…