Multiplayer fun with the new Kuban map

Wondering what the Kuban map looks like in multiplayer action? YouTube videos are slowly emerging featuring some intense multiplayer dogfights flying above the new Kuban map. Let’s have a look at a couple!

Dedicated Bomber Squad… flies fighters?

The DBS Squad, flying on UK1 server which has been setup for “Kuban Spring Training” was busy on Sunday with the DBS squad and dozens of other pilots including yours truly. You’ll notice in this video that I briefly teamed up with Thor, Airdoc and some of the other DBS pilots to take it to the enemy. We all scored a bunch of kills too!

Vade dogfights on Kuban Autumn

Regular YouTube contributor uploaded a video the other day featuring him on the Kuban map. There are some intense moments and some incredible kills flying over the Autumn version of the map. Worth a watch… but mute the audio. The music track is terrible.


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