Get the most out of the P-47D-28 in IL-2

In recent days the new P-47D-28 has been, in my opinion, unfairly maligned for being “slow” and I’ve seen comments about it not being fast enough or not reaching its modeled speeds. I’m not entirely sure but I think a good portion of this is because the P-47 is one of the more complex aircraft in the series and it requires some more complex engine management to get the most out of it (a bit like the real one). Fortunately, there is now some help out there.

Flying your Thunderbolt fast? There is help!

I’m not an expert at the P-47D-28s engine management. I’m usually a bit slow on this sort of thing and my curtailed flying has slowed me down from learning it further. However, I know my issues with getting the maximum performance out of it are mostly engine management related.

Fortunately, Sheriff’s Sim Shack on YouTube has a really handy guide on how to get the most out of the P-47D-28. The only thing that this Quick Guide is not… is quick. It’s 19 minutes and 20 seconds long , however, I think its worth every minute as its packed full of information and its very thorough.

So, if you were having a bit of trouble managing the P-47’s engine to get the most speed out it, there is now a go-to guide on how to fly and manage it.

If more guides and tutorials come out I will definitely update you folks. I feel like this aircraft deserves plenty of positive attention but it also needs a little more understanding to get it going.


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  1. TJR says:

    Its all works! Huge difference down on the deck by throttling the Prop RPM to about 83-84% on the deck, never would have figured that one out on my own.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m glad to hear that it was useful!

      I really think that the P-47 is going to be a type that will gain appreciation over time as people figure out how to use it best.


  2. Blue 5 says:

    Thanks, really useful.

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