DCS World Open Beta 2.5.5 delayed

DCS World Open Beta patches have been a little thin recently as the team works away on DCS World 2.5.5. The latest word is that the patch has been further delayed until at least tomorrow with the Eagle Dynamics team working through the night on it. Here’s the latest!

2.5.5 is a bigger patch

Some big changes are happening under the hood with the 2.5.5 patch with the biggest among them being some big changes to VR that should improve performance. Unfortunately, this process seems to have been more complex than expected.

A few days ago I reported that Eagle Dynamics had delayed the update because of a third party and now we’re hearing that the team is working through the night to get the patch ready.

Just an update, to the update, the team is working through the night to work on the issues holding up the 2.5.5 update. Our goal is to have it out as soon as possible, and when we have a firm plan, we will let everyone know.

In the move to the 2.5.5 branch, the VR performance for the ED maps, unfortunately, did not transfer over correctly. The team is aware and will be working to move this optimization to 2.5.5 as soon as possible.

Also, please keep in mind that this is not a simple, normal update. This is a move to an all new branch which entails many complications.

Nineline on the DCS World Forums

The other big update coming in 2.5.5 is the release of the DCS: FW190A-8. The A-8 has taken up some of the testing time as well prior to launch and many who have pre-ordered are anxious to get their hands on it.

As always, a relatively successful patch…even one with the open beta moniker attached to it is always a good thing and if that means delaying the update. We can wait.

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  1. arkhamuk says:

    Its rather sad they have to work through the night? The passion is of course fantastic but I’m not sure I understand the urgency they are putting themselves under? Just take your time to get it right then release it into the wild. Better than rushing it an requiring extra hot fix work,


  2. schurem says:

    I think the flight sim expo has something to do with that. The thing needs to be out in the wild if they want to present it at the expo.

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    1. arkhamuk says:

      Ah yes of course good point!


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It may be an unreleased dev build they have running at the expo. Will find out on Saturday!


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