Check out Enigma’s new DCS World Dynamic Cold War server

DCS World seems set to make a big jump when it comes to Cold War content over the next couple of years with the F-8J, MiG-17 and A-7 Corsair II part of a collection of new period aircraft that compliment the types that are already available. There are a couple of Cold War servers out there but Engima’s Dynamic Cold War server looks set to bring some innovative features to the mix that may appeal. Let’s have a look!

Dynamic war

Fans of IL-2’s Finnish Virtual Pilots and Air Attack Tactical Combat multiplayer servers will have a sense of what this is all about. Objectives on the frontlines will determine the state of play unlocking airbases and moving the frontline back and forth as both teams vie for control of the map. Engima’s Dynamic Cold War server brings that same concept the the fore with 20-zones of control working their way across the Caucasus map.

The aircraft set is mid-coldwar with a mix of types from the F-86, MiG-15 and MiG-19 to the F-5 and MiG-21 with a smattering of F-14A and MiG-29A mixed in for good measure. Flaming Cliffs 3 owners aren’t left out either as the Su-25 and A-10A are also included in the aircraft set. So too are some helicopters including the Mi-24P.

Destroy units on the frontlines and take out more strategic targets to move the frontlines in your teams favour. On the flipside, successful defense will also contribute to the scenario’s evolution. The best part of it is that the server can dynamically update the frontlines mid scenario with no server reset required.

Check out the announcement video.

And if you need a primer of how the server works, check it out in this video.

Be sure to visit their Discord community if you’re interested in becoming more involved.


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  1. BringTheReign says:

    This is precisely the type of server that keeps multiplayer alive!
    I love this time period in military aviation – it’s BVR, and yet you will very often find yourself in a merge – it’s a missile-fest, and yet you will be just as successful if you know how to use your guns. There is no FBW, you need to fly your own aircraft, and there are no restrictions to prevent you from ripping the wings off or entering a spin. It’s the perfect mix of digital and analogue.

    All we need now to flesh out this era is, yes, the F-4 Phantom. It is time – we need it – if fits every era from Vietnam (bluefor, US, UK, GER) to the near modern day (redfor, Iran). It would flesh out Iran-Iraq war scenarios, Yom Kippur war scenarios, and that’s just in the middle east, to make all those sand map people happy.
    And a Vietnam map, like the SEA proposal that Iron_Physik posted a year ago on Reddit, the 480×480. With the A-7, A6, F-5, F-14A, Mig 21, Mig 19, the tease of an SU-17/22, the MiG 23., this era needs just one more crowning Jewel – the F-4. Then I can rest easy.

    Love the article as always, wanted to include my 2 cents, love the server!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks for the comments! Yes, I am very excited about the growing collection of Cold War era aircraft. I hope ED can help support that era a bit more in the coming years and together with third parties can really make for some engaging experiences.

      Enigma’s server seems well placed to be part of that!


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