Two new DCS community servers are launching

Not every DCS World multiplayer server launch catches my eye but these two are coming hot on the heels of each other complete with some interesting spins on the usual DCS server as well as launching with their own videos describing their features. Let’s have a look!

FF Conquest DCS

Set on the Caucasus map with an early 1990’s spin on the aircraft set, FF Conquest is a PvP and PvE server. Modern aircraft but with a focus on weapons and systems that were more typically available then. So expect to see mostly semi-active missiles like the AIM-7 rather than the AIM-120 (although I’m told that a few AIM-120B missiles might show up). The server also works in warbirds as spotter aircraft which makes for an interesting dynamic. Check out their trailer below.

This server is expected to launch this weekend and you can get more on their website or on their Discord.

Spudknocker’s Strike on Syria

DCS content creator Spudknocker is also launching a new server called ‘Spudknocker’s Strike on Syria.’ The persistent server makes use of the Syria map and features both carrier and airbase operations with modern aircraft being the primary focus. The server will feature zones with different types of threats that increase in challenge as you enter into different zones.

Uniquely, Russian aircraft are part of the coalition so a wide variety of aircraft will be available as part of the flyable aircraft list. Check out his video for more details about the server.


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