IndiaFoxtEcho talks DCS: MB-339 release time, progress!

A new update has come from IndiaFoxtEcho with an update on their DCS World projects and the status of them as the team works away on two efforts to bring some unique aircraft to DCS World. let’s have a look at the updates for the MB-339 and G.91.

Development progress

Two aircraft are in the spotlight as IndiaFoxtEcho works towards their first DCS World release. The DCS: MB-339 got its start as a mod and quickly gained a following and interest which helped IndiaFoxtEcho, a well known developer for other sims, jump in and start developing as an official module.

Testing on the module is underway and the team reports that they are working on two key elements. The first is multi-crew synchronization which is a key element to any two seat aircraft in DCS. The second is the AHRS/GPS system which gives the MB-339 the ability to create and follow waypoints, set markpoints, and other advanced navigation features.

IndiaFoxtEcho reports that they are pleased with the progress and are still aiming for a Q1 2022 release with some possibility that they may bleed over into Q2 if testing takes longer than anticipated.

The goal is to release a content complete aircraft with no early access period.

Meanwhile, the art team is working on a follow-up project for DCS World tackling the Fiat G.91. Introduced in 1958 and flown in service until 1995, this light jet fighter fits into the growing selection of Cold War era jets and isn’t all that well known. It’ll be interesting to see if it picks up a fan following.

The art team has shown off the texture work which looks extremely impressive and definitely up to the levels that we’ve seen from other work in progress DCS modules. Will be following the development of this project closely.

Check out all of this and more on the IndiaFoxtEcho Facebook page.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Seems odd, but their desire to release a content complete aircraft kind of gives the impression there will be no updates to the plane. And we DCS types love our updates and additions. And then after this a G-91… these guys definitely have their own view of things.

    That said, the textures in the rear cockpit look good.


  2. harryvoyager says:

    I suspect the G.91 will be more popular than a lot of DCS people expect. I gather it is a very good hey over in War Thunder, so you may see a certain amount of WT players give it a go in DCS.

    It is also not loaded to the hills with electronics, so I expect it to be much more approachable than the typical DCS modern yet.

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  3. marcocom says:

    I plan to purchase one of these on day one, just to encourage new vendors into making DCS modules like this. we need more module creators

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