DCS: F-16 gets it’s Primary Datalink Track

We have a new DCS F-16C video update from Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner and this time its talking about a new feature coming to the Viper very soon. The Primary Datalink Track or PDLT looks like a nice to have feature for F-16 pilots so let’s have a look!

Making use of the datalink

The PDLT is an interesting new feature coming to the DCS: F-16C soon that adds additional symbology to the helmet mounted display. It puts an octagon on a datalink contact giving you additional situational awareness on what’s going on around your aircraft.

The feature will let you designate a single target as a PDLT and that can include your wingman, an enemy aircraft on datalink or a radar track. Matt makes note that the feature provides the F-16 with slightly less awareness than F/A-18C Hornet drivers have with their heads up display automatically placing datalink contacts.

Watch the video and see it in action. I expect we’ll see this feature come to an open beta very soon.


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