RedKite brushes us up on our TACAN skills in the DCS: Mirage F1CE

Looking more complete every time we see it, Aerges DCS: Mirage F1CE is once again back in the spotlight thanks to a new tutorial video from RedKite. This time the tutorial video teaches us how to use TACAN in the aircraft. Let’s go!

Navigating with radio beacons

Navigating with the TACAN system can be a very useful skill to have in your military jet toolkit and so RedKite’s TACAN tutorial with the Mirage F1CE makes us just a little bit more prepared than before. He covers the basics from the setup and dialing in of the appropriate beacon to the more advanced components such as setting up offsets and working with magnetic declination.

The video also gave me the opportunity to pull a few more screen captures from what looks like a beautiful model.

Although I have no inside knowledge, given the trajectory of the current training series I can only assume that weapons training videos are going to be forthcoming as we’ve already seen start-up, taxi, takeoff, landing and now navigation tutorials. The F1CE has a range of weapons from the Magic II to unguided bombs and rockets so they should be interesting to learn about when the time comes. Stay tuned for more.

Nice work RedKite, keep them coming!


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