Small teases for DCS Eurofighter plus AH-64D update

This week’s DCS World Weekend is a bit thin on details but it does contain some nice images and some teases at updates that are coming soon. Let’s have a look!

Eurofighter update

There isn’t much but we do have two new images from Heatblur and TrueGrit showing off cockpit details and the latest 3D model and texture work on the IRIS-T air-to-air missile. Only the IRIS-T image is available in high resolution at this point.

The only other tidbit is that CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) continues to be used as a tool to verify flight models. Sounds good!

AH-64D pilot and co-pilot/gunner positions

More work is being done on the early access released DCS: AH-64D. Two camo schemes are being applied for the pilots (multicam and USP) and work on animations and gestures for the two are also underway.

Nice details that are being added alongside work on some other big ticket items.

More to come on both of these items over the next several weeks I’m sure. Check it all out on the DCS World Weekend News.


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