Raven One: Dominant Fury teasers

Baltic Dragon’s Raven One campaign arrived with a bang in August of 2020 offering a scripted, story driven, adaptation of the Kevin Miller book by the same name. Now Baltic Dragon is back with a follow-up prequel experience called Raven One: Dominant Fury. In recent weeks we’ve seen several teasers and so here’s the latest.

Get ready for Dominant Fury

One of the first teasers was a screenshot released last week showcasing the F/A-18 cockpit, DCS’ beautiful clouds, and a very enticing caption.

Here’s what Baltic Dragon had to say about the screenshot:

In the first mission of Raven One: Dominant Fury, you will be part of a larger package returning to mother and doing a CASE 3 recovery. Everything will be fully voiced-over and being in the right place at the right time is going to be crucial. And damn those clouds look amazing!

Baltic Dragon on Facebook

Next up, we have a YouTube clip where two Hornet’s are intercepting an airliner that is flying in violation of international law. The snippet is low on action but extremely high on tension.

A short snippet from the upcoming prequel to the DCS F/A-18C: Raven One campaign, based on the novel by Kevin Miller, built together with the author and Jell-O from the Fighter Pilot Podcast.

Baltic Dragon on YouTube

Exciting stuff. If you love single player campaigns and the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet, Raven One looks like a great prequel to the original campaign and I’m excited to see it come to DCS. This campaign will be making use of the DCS: Syria map which will take players to some new locales from the Persian Gulf map used in the original.

Stay tuned for more information!


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