First tutorial for the DCS: MB-339 is out

The videos keep coming today with a new video out earlier in the day from IndiaFoxtEcho showing off our best look at the DCS: MB-339 as well as a tutorial of the AHRS/GPS navigation system.

Tutorial time

It looks like the DCS: MB-339 is making some serious progress as we’re now seeing our first tutorial video. This first one gives us a good look at the sights, sounds, and systems of the jet with a 9-minute tutorial on the AHRS/GPS system with an overview of how to navigate and use the systems.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    This is going to be an interesting opportunity to compare their two planes in both DCS and MSFS.
    And while not directly comparable, they have a plethora of other aircraft across P3D, FSX and even X-Plane! I haven’t bought their MSFS F-35 yet, but i’m also looking forward to comparing that to it’s P3D brother.

    Fantastic times, and IFE has been a standup developer for a long time. Glad to see them come to the major leagues!

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