Sim Update 10 comes tomorrow, plus nVidia DLSS video

It’s official, Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 10 is coming tomorrow, September 21st. The new update will pack in a variety of new features including support for nVidia DLSS which gets a short trailer to show it off.

Sim Update 10 is coming!

This new update is promising to be packed full of new items. Among them are weather and terrain APIs which will allow third party modules to get customized bitmaps showing terrain and weather. Should be great for all of those aircraft that have an onboard weather radar.

DX12 is seeing some major updates which should help to boost the performance and stability of the sim using that new API.

Weather modeling is getting some pretty big updates too with new cloud layer improvements.

Bush Trips are apparently seeing several updates too although we don’t know what those look like. Hopefully they bring back multiplayer without needing to tweak any files.

DLSS support

A new video is out showing what nVidia DLSS can do for Microsoft Flight Simulator offering comparable AI enhanced details with improved frame rates. It’ll be interesting to see what the final results are for people once they’ve had a chance to try this out on their own systems but the trailer seems promising.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I’m waiting for the Canada World update. Not flying much MSFS these days but I will be flying around after that update.


  2. Bagpipe says:

    DL yeS yeS*

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  3. KZ says:

    Update 10: Crash to desktop every flight, VFR map broken.


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