SimWorks Studios Dash 7 dev update

The folks at SimWorks Studios are busy putting together a Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This STOL airliner with its four turboprop engines is sure to be an interesting airplane for those looking to get into and out of some interesting airports. A recent update gives us a good picture on the status of this project.

Dash 7 makes progress

Reporting first that SimWorks Studios staff are facing some challenges on a health front, they quickly transition to a status update on the Dash 7 and where this project is.

The good news is that this airliner is seemingly in really good shape. The exterior model is done with all decals placed and ready to go. Aside from minor tweaks to the ground handling, SWS also report that the flight model is essentially done and has been done since July.

The challenges appear to lie in the cockpit where the team report that its been a “real bear.”

As we make progress with texturing it, more corrections crop up that were hard to see before. Needles working backwards, some system annunciations lighting up, which leads to the discovery of new bugs in the code and so on. The good news is that the code bugs seem to be squished. We are doing the final texture pass, painting any missing items and polishing the textures.

SWS on Facebook

Lighting the cockpit is also underway with progress having been made but not yet completed.

Some new screenshots show off the latest efforts.

Meanwhile, SWS are also working on an RV-10 and their PC-12 project too. Check out SimWorks Studios on Facebook for their latest updates.


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