More StuG and vehicle images for IL-2 Great Battles

It seems that it’s ground vehicle week for the IL-2 series as the latest developer diary spends a little more time on the ground with an update on the StuG III Collector Vehicle for IL-2 Great Battles. We also have news about an upcoming patch so let’s dive into the details.

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We always want to know what’s just around the corner and three long awaited pieces of content are on the way. According to the latest developer diary, the StuG III, C-47A and Western Front Spring 1918 map are all planned for the next update pending the completion of beta testing.

We saw a bunch of images of both in previous updates so its encouraging to see that come along.

StuG III time in the sun

With 9,000 units produced, the StuG III is one of the more prolific armored vehicles produced during WWII. Built on the Panzer III Ausf. M base, the top section of the vehicle was redone with the much bigger 75mm StuK 40/L48 gun giving this assault gun a serious punch.

This rendition is once again produced by Digital Forms and the integrated into the sim by 1CGS.

A modification adds a MG34 machine gun which can only be fired by the loader with the hatch in the up position. Another modification adds armored plates.

A new feature to the sim are smoke mortars which could also be installed on the StuG. The team have also gone back to the Pz III Ausf.M and Tiger tanks and given those vehicles the same feature. So the StuG is having an overall positive effect on the whole of Tank Crew through a little extra development. Nice!

We got a ton of screenshots right here!

Even more vehicle stuff and an La-5F?

Outside of the latest developer diary is a new bunch of smaller updates in the Official Media section which is now offering us a growing collection of images.

One of the sets of shots are showing off some non-player controllable vehicles in the form of the Panther for Battle of Normandy with a more era appropriate version for the late 1944 time period. 1CGS is keen to point out that this is an AI vehicle and not a player controllable version alothugh it does compare well with the player controlled version parked next to it.

There’s some other vehicles in the mix to like this mobile 40mm Bofors.

And finally, a Bren Carrier. Again, this is AI only and intended to fill in the ground vehicle set for Normandy and Bodenplatte.

Finally, keep an eye on this Official Media section of the forums as some interesting things are being displayed there. There’s beautiful renders of aircraft that we’ve seen before and some nice detail shots from the modellers. That’s all nice and neat to see. Something else popped up and then was apparently taken down and some members of the community identified it as an La-5F. Not an La-5FN nor the La-5 Series 8 (with M-82F modification) that we already have.

Could it be one of the new Collector Planes or is it just art that was later converted to the La-5FN for when that aircraft was released? Will have to see what happens.

Check out the latest dev diary here and visit the official media section here.


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